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The Bobcaygeon


Our most popular sizes

8 x 6

8 x 8

10 x 8

12 x 10

Other sizes available.

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The Bobcaygeon is similar to a Haliburton Cottage with all the bells and whistles, and it also includes the addition of a dormer to add lift and light. Like the Haliburton, the Bobcaygeon has a slight overhang along the entire front of the shed. This is referred to as a saltbox style. This overhang provides a ‘front porch’ look above the 48” or 60” double doors, which are included. The Bobcaygeon brings an upscale cottage feel to your back yard, especially with the addition of shutters to the sliding window, complete with screen. As with all our sheds, this all-wood shed is constructed with 2x4 wall studs and 2x6 pressure treated floor joists. We can build this shed in under a day. Give us call or get your online quote today!

This shed is installed same day and includes block and gravel foundation, shingles, side vent and drip edge. Base unit includes one window and solid doors. All of our sheds are beige in colour with bare wood trim that will need to be painted. We offer painting at additional cost.

  • accessorize your shed with dozens of options
  • discount if using existing concrete pad
  • all sheds come with either single or double doors (depending on style)
  • do-it-yourself pricing available