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10 Beauty Products Hiding In Your Garden

Posted By On 10-03-2016

Imagine an idyllic garden: Beautiful flowers and plants that attract colourful butterflies and birds; relaxing time spent in the sunshine delving your hands into fragrant soil; the taste of fruits fresh off the vine. A garden is a feast for the eyes, palate and the soul, but did you know that what you grow in your garden can also keep your skin gorgeous and youthful?

And these plants are not necessarily the exotic kind; they are as prosaic as simple herbs and vegetables:

  1. Mint: You can use mint to make your own lip balm. Just place a handful of fresh mint in a glass jar and drizzle with oil (the kind that doesn’t have a scent), set it in a sunny spot for at least a week, stirring occasionally. Once your herbal oil forms, combine it with a few ounces of beeswax in a heat-safe glass jar and place it in a pot filled with a few inches of water. Heat the pot until oil and wax are combined, then pour the mixture into a small jar.
  2. Rosemary: If you have dark hair, a herbal rinse (made just like making tea), will add shine and will strengthen weak hair. Pour the steeped herb rinse over your hair after shampooing.
  3. Sage and Thyme: Both of these herbs are good cleansers for oily skin. Place half a cup of one of these herbs into a jar, add half a cup of boiling water and let it steep for a few hours. Strain the herbs and pour the water into a container with a lid. Apply with a cotton pad to your face after cleansing. Sage is also a great astringent.
  4. Tomatoes: A tomato is a great natural hydrating agent. For dry complexion, crush it up, apply it to your skin, let it sit a couple of minutes, and then rinse your face and pat dry. If your skin is on the oily side, mix the pulp with cucumber juice and let the mixture stay on your face for about 20 minutes.
  5. Berries: It is well known that these fruits are full of anti-aging antioxidants. Just mash them up, add a bit of honey and apply the mixture to your face. After about 10-15 minutes, rinse and pat dry.
  6. Cucumbers: Cucumbers have a lot of ascorbic acid which prevents water retention. Feeling bloated? Chomp on a cucumber. Are your eyes puffy? Place some fresh slices over your eye area, and lie down for about 15 minutes. For a natural toner and skin rejuvenator, throw some cucumbers into a juicer, and apply the pulp to the face.
  7. Lavender: Lavender has been long used in aromatherapy as a relaxing and sleeping agent, but since it also has anti-inflammatory properties, you can use it to reduce redness and blotchiness of your skin. Make a lavender oil and mix a little of it of it with your daily moisturizer.
  8. Elderflower: Because it has antioxidant elements, oil made out of this bushy plant helps to slow down the aging process. Plus it can be used to sooth rashes and treat scars.

  9. Roses: Not only are roses flowers all visitors to your garden will admire, its petals can be used to make rose water to soothe irritated skin, moisturize and repair it, so it’s a great way to prep skin for moisturizer after cleansing. Simply spritz or splash your face with rose water.

  10. Dandelion: Yes, even weeds in our gardens can be used as a beauty product! Dandelions are antibacterial and have healing properties so they work well as a skin emollient and will help to clear the skin of impurities.
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