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Outdoor Wooden Garden Storage Sheds in Ontario

Our 5 standard outdoor wooden shed styles are fully customizable to suit your specific needs. The most popular sizes customers choose are the 10x8, 12x8 or 10x10 shed, however any size can be accommodated. Depending on your municipality, a permit may be required for sheds that are greater than 160 square feet.

Many options and accessories are available to enhance each of our wooden shed designs. (Many of the Shed pictures shown include additional options and accessories as chosen by our customers.)

PLEASE NOTE: Wood supplies and costs continue to be greatly impacted due to world events. As a result lumber pricing may increase and lumber products may be in short supply. Therefore, shed pricing is subject to change and may affect the final quote price. We are doing our best to keep pricing reasonable during these trying times. Thanks for your understanding and continued support.

Outdoor Storage Sheds

We are a family owned and operated, Baeumler Approved business. We bring over 40 years of combined experience in indoor/outdoor renovations, custom woodworking, and the design and installation of backyard shed solutions.

Wooden Back Yard Garden Sheds

Our team can have your wooden backyard garden shed assembled within a day, depending on the size, style and additional accessories ordered. Basic steps for assembling a backyard shed include:

  • Selecting a building site on your property
  • Building the floor
  • Building the walls
  • Building the roof
  • Finishing the exterior

Custom Storage Shed Solutions

We offer custom storage shed solutions on your terms. You decide on the style, size, any additional accessories, and we will  install it for you.

We offer an assortment of designs that are sure to please anyone. Our standard models are:

  • Algonquin Single Slope: This single sloped roof shed can be built against your garage, exterior house wall, or even a well-anchored sturdy fence. A good choice where space is limited.
  • Haliburton Cottage Shed: This style shed features a 10″ overhang along the front wall. This adds a
    delightful cozy cottage look to the shed.
  • Highland Gable Shed: This typical garden shed design makes it an easy choice for any backyard. Make it your own with dozens of accessories to customize the shed to your liking.
  • Muskoka Barn: This barn-style shed offers a great country look to any yard. It also provides more height for additional loft storage.
  • The Bobcaygeon Shed: This appealing shed is similar to the Haliburton Cottage Shed but with an added dormer built above the front door.

We love introducing new style ideas to meet the changing demands of our customers. If you have a specific shed design in mind, call us today and we’ll work with you to bring your vision to life.

Types of Storage Sheds

When it comes to the types of storage sheds available it is hard to compete with our designs. We provide flexibility, high-quality materials and affordable prices. We offer custom storage shed solutions ideally suited to any landscape style and size of backyard.

Our process allows you to upgrade any of our storage sheds from a wide selection of accessories. Get a customized look all your own.

Order your outdoor backyard storage shed today!

Check out our handy quote tool where you will be able to build the shed you want, complete with any accessory you choose. You can submit the quote directly to us and we will contact you shortly to finalize the details.

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