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Backyard & Outdoor Storage Sheds in Milton

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The town of Milton, located within the Halton region of the GTA, is one of Canada’s fastest growing municipalities! Milton’s 2016 census showed a population of 110,128, and the population is expected to grow to 228, 000 by 2031. Like many municipalities in the GTA, Milton is quickly growing in all areas including commerce, culture, and conservation and heritage sites.

Settled in 1818, Milton grew around a mill and was settled by English immigrants. Milton became a town in 1857, and was chosen to be the council seat for Halton. These days, Milton works hard to preserve its heritage, both natural and man-made. Located on the edge of the Niagara Escarpment, and the Bruce Trail, there is a lot of natural beauty in Milton to see, and to preserve.

Milton showcases its history in the Halton Region Museum, the Halton County Radial Railway Museum, and the Country Heritage Park. Milton is also home to a number of historical agricultural buildings. For those who want to learn more about the history of Ontario, Milton is a great place to visit.

Storage Sheds Milton

Milton hosts several conservation areas, ideal for enjoying the beautiful countryside. These are maintained by Conservation Halton, and include Rattlesnake Point, Crawford Lake Conservation Area, and Kelso Conservation Area. There are many wonderful walks around Milton to enjoy.

Milton is still growing, but it is already home to several large companies, providing employment for its residents. Companies such as Mattamy Homes, Dare Foods, Whirlpool Canada, and Northstar Aerospace contribute to Milton’s economy.

Many Milton residents, past and present, have been avid athletes. In fact, the town to has it’s own Milton Sports Hall of Fame. Notable achievements include the Campbellville Intermediate Baseball team, who won many county and provincial titles from 1952-1967. Olympic Gold Medalist Kirsten Wall also calls MIlton home. Recently, Milton became home to the Mattamy National Cycling Centre, which served as a venue for the 2015 Pan American Games.

Backyard Storage Sheds Milton

In the Back Yard is happy to extend our services to Milton residents, and help them enjoy the natural beauty found in their very own backyards. In the Back Yard is a family owned and operated business, with over 40 years of combined experience. We have extensive experience in outdoor and indoor renovation, custom woodworking, and backyard storage solutions.

In the Back Yard uses all this experience to provide excellent service and storage solutions for every backyard. Whether you are looking for a custom or ready-made shed or garage, or accessories, our certified professionals are here to help. We take great pride in our products and are dedicated to using our expertise to find you the best possible storage solution at the fairest price.

Look through our online gallery to view our range of ready-made sheds, garages, plant beds, and accessories. We offer a wide range of sizes and styles to suit every backyard. Additionally, our experienced craftsmen are able to provide custom storage solutions.

Contact us today to discuss your backyard storage needs, or use our online quote calculator for a quick-and-easy quote!

What are the benefits of using recycled or sustainable materials for shed construction?

Opting for recycled or sustainable materials when building your shed in Milton is a smart move. It helps the environment, saves resources, and can even save you money. Plus, it adds a touch of eco-friendly charm to your shed.

How can I make my storage shed more energy-efficient?

To make your Milton shed energy-efficient, start by insulating it well and sealing any gaps. Choose energy-efficient windows and doors and consider solar panels for power. Using LED lights and reflective roofing also helps cut costs and reduces your shed's carbon footprint.

Are there any restrictions on the shed's height in Milton?

Yes, there might be restrictions on the height of sheds in Milton, and these restrictions can vary depending on local bylaws and zoning regulations. It's essential to check with your local municipal authorities or visit their website to understand the specific requirements and limitations related to shed height on your property. This helps ensure compliance with local regulations and avoids potential issues during shed construction.

What steps should I take to prepare my shed for Milton's winter season?

To get your Milton shed ready for winter, focus on insulation and sealing gaps to keep it cosy. Remember to clean gutters and have snow removal tools handy. This ensures your shed stays in good shape and comfortable during colder weather.

Can I install a shed on uneven terrain, and what considerations are involved?

Of course! You can place a shed on uneven ground in Milton, but make sure to create a stable base. Level it out, use support beams, and ensure good drainage. Check local rules too. This way, your shed will stand strong, even on uneven terrain.

Popular Sheds in Milton

Kim Barrington
Kim Barrington
This team is amazing! From Admin to Construction. Both were helpful and thoughtful was a pleasure working with them. Twice!
John J
John J
Food and service consistently excellent
George Temeriski
George Temeriski
We are so happy with the shed ! Very well done , and true professional . Highly recommended . Customer service outstanding . Strongly suggest . Quality job one !!
Monique Hall
Monique Hall
We absolutely love our new shed. It turned out perfectly.
Bill McDougall
Bill McDougall
Had our In The Backyard shed installed this week and am very happy with the results. The instal crew of Faith , Ray and Mike were very efficient, professional, and personable. The arrived and were done in 2 hours.. amazing.. Would highly recommend In The Backyard !
josie trlep
josie trlep
ive had nothing but amazing dealings with everyone in the backyard..i visited the store and was treated so well..even when i was outside looking at the sheds, someone came out and started chatting with me and then put me in touch with libby, who was wonderful..on the day of shed day, i received a call from justin and he kept me informed as to how things were going and sent me final pics..i was very impressed with everyone and the shed looks great..even better than what i had expected..thankyou so much for everything you all did for me in getting me this shed..i know im going to totally enjoy it..
Frank Riddle
Frank Riddle
We are so happy with our new Haliburton Cottage shed! The entire process was smooth and easy, and email response times were very quick and prompt. All staff were polite and extremely helpful with recommendations and explaining shed details. We highly recommend purchasing a shed from In The Back Yard!!
Mr. D
Mr. D
Incredible experience with their team, both office and installation is best in business.
Shelton Y
Shelton Y
We had a 10'x6' Highlands Gable shed installed in our backyard a couple of weeks ago and were impressed with the whole experience. The service was what you would hope to get from a family-run business, as they carefully walked me through the design process, providing me every detail I needed. Installation was punctual and very professional. The shed looks great and while it's early days, it certainly looks like it was far better value than my previous plastic shed. Highly recommended!
Jovin Jose
Jovin Jose
Had a great experience with In the Backyard. Truly Professional and Warm people from the Office Assistant to Shed Installers. Libby was very helpful explaining and choosing the right Shed for my Backyard. The Installers were on time and efficient with the work. Highly Recommended.

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