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10 Genius Ways to Organize your Shed

Posted By On 04-06-2018

The majority of people who own sheds would likely have to admit that they have allowed their storage area to become a catch-all for anything and everything that doesn’t have a place in their home. Unorganized sheds are prime real estate for unwanted pests or other creatures. Check out these ten genius ways to organize your shed and prevent it from becoming a breeding ground for pests.

  1. Add Shelves A great way to maximize storage space in your shed is to incorporate shelving. Before you begin organizing and cleaning things out, find either an old shelf from around the house or purchase a new one to have a place to put the things you will need to store in the shed. To maximize the use of your shelving, place the items in a strategic location for your convenience. The most used items should be placed on the middle shelf at eye level, so you can easily get to them without having to dig through things, stand on a ladder or get on the ground to find whatever you need. The items you don’t need very often — seasonal decorations, for example — can be placed on the top shelf, since you likely won’t be needing your Christmas tree in July. Heavy items should be on the ground or lower level of your shelf to avoid it tipping over and causing an accident.
  2. Repurpose Old Furniture If you have any old furniture around your house, consider saving it to use in the shed for storage. Any furniture piece that has drawers will be perfect for storing things, and it will help you declutter your house as well. Chemist cabinets make excellent storage for hardware or seed storage.
  3. Hang your Shovels Investing in a shovel rack will keep your gardening tools organized without having them all over the side of the shed. When you go to pick one up, usually the entire pile falls down. With a shovel rack, you’ll keep everything in its own place and be able to see what you have. If you don’t own a shovel rack, you can make one from a palette or simply hang your tools on the wall of the shed itself.
  4. Use Hooks Using hooks in your shed will keep things from piling up all over the place and make it easy for you to find what you need. Use S-hooks to hang each individual tool. The great thing about using S-hooks is that you don’t have to drill them into the wall and you can easily move them around the shed as needed. Bigger hooks are available for bigger tools and you can hang just about anything to save space and make more efficient use of the space you’re working with.
  5. Hang Things From the Ceiling When you think about organizing your shed, you’ll probably only consider using the walls or the floor area, but there is a lot of space up above to store things as well. You can use plywood to make additional shelving above, as well as plastic pipes to hang things on. If you have a bike or two in your family, try hanging them from the ceiling on a bike rack to free up space on the ground of your shed.
  6. Make a Tool Wall Having a home for each and every tool is a great way to organize shed. Get a piece of wood and try laying each tool you have out on it and decide a functioning order to place every tool you own. Once you know exactly where to place everything, trace around the tool with a marker or pen so you know exactly where it goes. This will help you keep up with every tool you own and help you remember where to put it when you finish using it.
  7. Use a Pegboard to Store Your Tools If you are constantly working on DIY projects or doing things around the house or garden, chances are you have a lot of tools. Instead of having to dig through it every time you need a tool, place them all on a pegboard so you can always see what you own and what you can use to complete a project.
  8. Use Magnetic Strip to Hold Metal Items A lot of people use a magnet strip in their kitchens to help store knives and keep their drawers free from sharp objects. Using a magnetic strip in the shed will free up even more space and help you stay organized. Any metal tool, like a screwdriver or pliers, will work great on a magnetic strip. Paint brushes are another item you might find helpful to store on a magnetic strip. When you finish cleaning it, hang it to dry on the strip, and you will keep your bristles from getting damaged and provide a great environment for it to air dry.
  9. Store your Hose on a Wall Hanger The best way to keep your hose from getting into a tangled mess is to hang it on a wall hanger and keep it nicely wrapped up. This will make it easier next time you need to use it in the yard or in the garden. An old car wheel or a bucket will suffice if you don’t have access to an actual hose storage system, and you can even store the attachment pieces inside if you have them.
  10. Find a Home for the Smallest Hardware Pieces

    After finding a home for the big tools and other items, it is time to focus on the small nuts and bolts you might have laying around. Suggestions for keeping the smallest items organized include using mounted baskets on the walls, small storage bins placed on a shelf, or over the door organizers. If you can get your hands on an old typesetter’s drawer, you will have plenty of space to organize every tiny screw, nut, bolt, and other miscellaneous items. If you take the time to organize your shed and find a home for every item, you won’t have to stress when something inside your home breaks and you have to find the tools to fix it. Knowing where everything is at all times gives you peace of mind as a homeowner, and you will be able to buy new tools without purchasing something you might already own. If you have everything put away, you will be amazed at the amount of room you have and how efficient your storage can be. To learn more about how you can optimize your shed’s storage, give us a call at 1-844-212-1284, or send us an email.

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