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3 Awesome Backyard Re-Treatment Ideas

Posted By On 05-02-2016

Spring may still be a few months away, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start planning ideas to spruce up your backyard landscape. The possibilities are endless as long as you use your imagination and tailor the available design options to your individual needs.

It all starts with knowing what you want. Take a moment and picture in your mind’s eye your ideal outdoor retreat. What do you see? Does it feature a pergola or gazebo? What about a fire pit or a pond? What types of plants, shrubs, and flowers do you see?

It’s a lot easier to get started when you have a good idea of what you’re looking for. The cardinal rule of landscaping is to never go in blindly, because what works for your neighbors might not work for you. Besides, this is your backyard and it should be designed the way you want it to look. With that, here are a few cool inspirational ideas to get you started!

Building The Backyard of Your Dreams

Water features are very popular – The sight and sound of flowing water has a natural calming, Zen-like effect, which is exactly what many homeowners yearn for in their outdoor escape. There’s a wide variety of backyard water features to choose from, including fish ponds, Jacuzzis, swimming pools, streams, fountains, bird baths, and more.

A professional landscaping contractor can easily transform your vision into a reality, but the more planning and forethought you put into the plan, the better you’ll be able to articulate the details of your vision. Once your landscaper comes back to you with a plan, provide honest and useful feedback to ensure you’ll be pleased with the end result.

Flower beds and herb gardens galore – No backyard is complete without at least a few plants and flowers. Perfectly placed perennials and shrubs can turn any drab outdoor space into a nature scene worthy of hours of relaxation. Be sure to ask your landscaper about what types of foliage they recommend, as certain species fare better in particular environments.

Statues, seating, and more – Who said you can’t have a stone statue or metal sculpture in your yard. These elements add a lot of unique character and keep your landscape from being unoriginal. As well, investing in quality, comfortable outdoor furniture is a definite must. Choose seating that is cozy and adequate for entertaining guests.

Outdoor bars, reading nooks, and mini-lofts are all trending right now. Are you excited for Spring yet?

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