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3 Easy Design Upgrades For Your Deck

Posted By On 20-06-2016

The summer season means more time spent outdoors. At home, your deck is the ideal place to soak up some sun and enjoy the warm temperatures. That’s why it’s a great time to consider some easy upgrades that can improve the look and comfort of your deck.

Your outdoor space is just as important to your home as its indoor space. Taking the time to update and maintain your deck is a great investment in the value of your home.

The following are three design upgrades you can give your deck this summer.

  1. Temperature Control

    One of the biggest challenges to your deck with summer weather is that it can sometimes get uncomfortably hot outdoors. The same can be true for the colder autumn and winter months, in which it can be difficult to keep your deck warm. Consider ways that you can control the temperature on your deck.

    In summer, high-quality fans and cooling systems that meet a variety of deck needs are available. Traditional fans and more advanced misting systems work to keep your deck cool so that you can enjoy it on the hottest of summer days.

    Don’t limit yourself to only using your deck in summer. There are also outdoor heaters that can be used on your deck to make the colder months a little more bearable, too.

    These tips will improve you and your guests’ comfort and extend your annual deck time.

  2. Lighting Systems

    Outdoor lighting improves the safety of your home while allowing you to customize your deck experience. The right lighting allows you to enjoy your deck at all hours while minimizing energy costs.

    You can use low-voltage LED lights to cut down on your lighting bill and brighten up different parts of your outdoor space. Lighting can be used to accent outdoor furniture, steps, and other features. Cost-effective lighting systems are easily installed and are an easy way to upgrade your deck this summer.

  3. Create New Space

    Your deck experience does not have to be limited to one area. You can take steps to create different areas on your deck to give it a unique look and feel.

    For example, reserve one part of your deck for sunbathing and decorate it accordingly. Another part of your deck can be reserved for grilling and serving food to guests. Through the strategic placement of furniture and the use of inexpensive paneling, you can also make your deck appear larger by dividing it into multiple areas to enjoy.

These are three design upgrades you can give your deck this summer. Taking the time to implement them will improve the quality of your outdoor space and increase the deck time you have available throughout the year.

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