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3 Tips For Getting Your Garden Ready For Winter

Posted By On 21-12-2015

With the cooler temperatures soon arriving across the region, it’s important for homeowners to take the time now to protect their garden areas and ensure the space remains its peak best throughout winter and for the seasons to come. Our team has great insight in this area of lawn care, and within this post we’ll take a look at three tips for getting your garden ready for the winter season.

  1. Plant a Cover Crop to Protect the Garden

    Cover crops are widely used by farmers across Ontario during the province’s winter seasons, but they can also be harnessed by homeowners to ensure their own small garden achieves optimal protection during the cold periods of the year. There are many great cover crop options, including winter barley and clovers. These crops work to contain the nutrients within the plants and ensure the soil is protected against the frost of the winter.

    There are many seed companies throughout local areas offering cover crops, and they can be a cost effective means of securing garden areas during winter.

  2. Add a Spark of Colour with Hanging Baskets

    While your flowers might not be in bloom during the winter season, there’s no reason you can’t bring bright exuberant colours to the colder winter space. Many homeowners are now upgrading their winter gardens by adding hanging baskets to patio spaces and across fence posts.

    These baskets are ideal for wintertime because homeowners can easily bring the basket inside if the weather becomes too cold for the flowers to survive. For those searching for a low maintenance way of bringing colour to the backyard space, faux flowers are always a great option. They can often closely resemble natural flowers without the added maintenance time and cost required for the real thing.

  3. Put Up Bird Feeders to Bring Life to the Yard Space

    While most birds will have flown south for the winter season, there are a number of animals that have adapted to the cooler climate to make Canada their home in winter. You can bring winter birds and other animals to your yard space by installing smaller shelters with bird feeders inside. Remember to check for chemicals in the bird seeds purchased to ensure the security of local wildlife.

There are a number of ways to bring life and vitality to that tranquil winter garden area. To learn further tips on enhancing your garden this winter season, speak with our experts directly!

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