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5 Benefits of Having a Backyard Shed

Posted By On 18-09-2019

If you are thinking about building a backyard shed, there are many variables you will need to consider. Things like where to erect the shed, as well as its size, any interior furnishings you may want to add, as well as the colour and materials you want it made of. However, the brainstorming and growing pains are almost always worth it in the end, as having a backyard shed has a wide array of benefits.

For instance, if your garage or home is no longer able to house many household appliances and tools anymore, without creating a gigantic mess. You may need a home away from home to store many of your tools and appliances for you. Here, we will focus on just some of the benefits of owning your very own backyard shed in Toronto.

Ideal Storage Solution

By building a backyard shed, you will have a storage solution that can free up some much-needed space in your home. For example, you can store all of your lawn equipment and tools in your shed so that they don’t end up cluttering up your garage or house.

You can also use your shed to keep all of your holiday lighting fixtures and the like until they need to be brought out again during the winter. You can even declutter your closets so that you have more room to keep your most precious accessories and seasonal clothing. By the time you are done decluttering your home, you may be stunned at just how much free space you have.

Take Care of Clutter

Having a backyard shed can help eliminate clutter, both in your yard as well as your home. You can store your kids’ toys in the shed or even sports gear, such as hockey sticks and golf clubs, gardening tools, such as shears and mulch, and other such lawn equipment in your brand new backyard shed. As an added bonus, you will be able to access them whenever you want.

Remember to erect the shed in a convenient location so that you can access it easily. Take the time to discuss your needs with your contractor in order to determine the best placement. In the end, the goal of having a shed is to have easy access to the things that you need, when you need them, as well as freeing up space in your home, yard, and garage.

Maximize Safety

A backyard shed is also a safe storage space where you can house dangerous or hazardous materials. This keeps dangerous items away from children and pets, who may become ill from ingesting or inhaling them. Keep all of your household cleaning materials, such as bleach and detergents, in your shed, or you can use it to store fertilizers, pesticides, and weed killer products.

You can also store your power tools and lawn equipment in your shed, as these can cause serious damage in the wrong hands. Keeping such dangerous items away from pets, children, and teenagers will reduce the risk of a serious injury or accidental death in the home.

Increase Property Values

Many prospective homeowners will look for amenities, or other specialty items, such as a backyard shed, before deciding on which home to buy. Competition is fierce, and real estate is at a premium, so you will want to include anything and everything you can to help your home sell. A backyard shed may serve as the final selling point that motivates them to pick your home over the home at the other end of the block.

If you take the time to fabricate a backyard shed that is safe, secure, visually appealing, and durable, you will increase the real estate value of your property. A backyard shed will help boost the curb appeal of your home and augment the resale value of your domicile.

More Room for Work and Play

A backyard shed can also serve as more than a simple storage space. You can transform your shed into a home office if you would like to work from home or need a quiet and isolated area to work on your hobbies or your memoirs. It can also be transformed into a workshop or for your children to use as a safe playhouse on a wet or cold day.

You can even use your shed as a home gym so that you don’t have to waste money on gas or gym memberships to get a workout. You could also turn it into a rec room for game nights or a home spa for some much needed and deserved R&R. The possibilities are virtually endless and are limited only by your creativity, so don’t be afraid to experiment with different visual and design ideas.

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of owning a backyard shed, call In the Back Yard at 1-844-208-8425 or contact us here.

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