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5 Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Shed

Posted By On 17-04-2017

As the warm weather arrives, most gardeners are eager to get back outside, break out the knee pads, and start planting, weeding and making their gardens beautiful once again. You are going to be spending a lot more time going in and out of your garden shed, so you are going to want to make those trips as easy, as possible. That means some spring cleaning to get everything organized again. Below are five spring cleaning tips for your garden shed to help you get started this spring.

Make Room

If your garden shed doubles as a winter storage space for anything else (seasonal clothing, decorations, bicycles, etc.), you are going to want to remove all of the things that don’t belong there during the spring, so that you can get down to the business of gardening.

Show Your Garden Tools TLC

Chances are, especially if you live in a cold climate, you have not touched your gardening tools all winter. While the garden has remained dormant, so too have your shovels, trowels, spades and shears. If you want to start this gardening season off on the right foot, you need tools that are up to the task and that are free of rust, dirt and grime.

Organize the Shelves

If you didn’t have a chance to do this before the end of the previous season, recycle and get rid of empty containers where possible, and begin to make an inventory of all of the supplies that you are going to need this gardening season, including things like mulch and fertilizer.

See Who Spent the Winter In the Shed

When the winter sets in, animals run for cover. A garden shed is a very appealing overwintering spot for mice, rats and other “pests” that are trying to survive and escape the cold. Make sure that your garden shed has not become the permanent refuge for a large number of pests, but do it humanely and aim to save lives.

Wash it Down

Just because the shed stores things that you are typically plunging into the dirt, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t keep it clean. Dirt, grime and dust has probably built up in your shed over the winter. Just as you would with spring cleaning anywhere else, give it a thorough dusting, sweeping, and if need be, mopping, before the gardening season starts.

Spring cleaning is a chore, but it feels amazing once you have gotten it out of the way. A fully-organized, clean, fully-stocked shed is a thing of beauty. Get your garden shed ready for spring with the above spring cleaning suggestions.

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