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5 Summer Additions For Your Shed

Posted By On 18-09-2017

A shed is a great addition to your backyard. Whether it’s concrete, wooden, plastic, or metal, it offers many uses all year round. During summer, you will be spending a lot of time outdoors in your garden, yard, or shed. You can easily transform your shed from storage space to a cosy room for you to relax, play with the kids, or entertain guests.

Here are some interesting additions to make your shed more inviting during summer:

  1. French doors If you routinely use your shed for storage, then installing windows and large doors can reduce the amount of wall space available for use. Usually, you only need to be in the shed for a few minutes to find or replace a tool, so you don’t mind using electricity to light up the space. But if you will be spending more time in the shed during the day, then you need to conserve energy by maximising on sunlight. You should consider replacing the old door with a French door that lets in more light and makes the space easier to access.

  2. Skylights If you don’t want to replace the solid door or create a window opening, you can simply install skylights to let in natural light from above. They’ll make the shed warmer and more inviting, and reduce electricity usage during the day.

  3. Solar fairy lights Make your backyard and shed accessible at night by installing fancy lighting to illuminate the shed, walkways, and surrounding area, to keep the party going when the night closes in.

  4. Cosy furniture Depending on the amount of space available, you can try to fit in a sofa, comfy cushions, some cosy chairs, or even a table set for you to read, play cards, or relax.

  5. Bar area During summer, you can entertain your friends and neighbours in the backyard rather than going to the local club. If your shed is large enough, try fitting some bar stools or a lounge area depending on your preferred theme – sports, dive-bar, lounge, pub-style, or tiki-style. You might need to change the wall panelling, flooring, decor, and power capabilities to handle an ice maker, mini-fridge, and patio lights.

Final Note – Repair the Insulation During summer, your shed is an extension of your home and it needs to be as comfortable as possible. Check for any gaps that may make it harder to control the temperature inside and make the necessary repairs. You may also need a ceiling fan to improve air circulation.

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