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5 Things To Do With Your Additional Shed Space

Posted By On 15-08-2016

If you’ve managed to clear out your shed and are left with additional space, you are very lucky. Besides offering a place to keep your bicycle, sheds can be turned into anything you need them to be. So, here’s what you can do with all that additional shed space.

Create a workspace

Many people need a place for arts and crafts, woodworking or even running their own business. A shed with extra space can be turned into a workspace where you can run a power outlet and equip it with WiFi. Sheds are great for creating a functioning studio or craft area because they are easily customizable. Even if you aren’t into woodworking or making art, you can still use your shed as an office. Since you’ve cleared out most of the space, you can get a desk and chair and make a quiet area where you can bring your laptop and work.

Turn it into a home away from home

If you’ve cleared out your shed completely, why not turn it into a home away from home? Depending on the size of your shed, you can probably fit a sofa or loveseat. You can make a reading nook or even put a bed in there for guests. If you are turning your shed into a home away from home, remember to insulate it for the winter, otherwise it will be very cold in there. You can even add indoor plumbing and make a little cottage, complete with a bathroom and kitchenette.

Store seasonal items

Everyone has articles of clothing they only pull out a few times a year. Instead of having them clog up your closet, store seasonal clothing in your shed. This is easily done by adding an armoire or free-standing clothing rack. You can use the extra space in your shed for winter coats, bathing suits and boots. You can even store holiday decorations, skis and winter tires.

Make a gym

Sometimes going to the gym isn’t an option, but what if there was a gym right on your property? Take all that additional shed space and turn it into a workout station. If space permits, add a treadmill and other exercise machines. For added fun, set up WiFi or even a TV so you can catch up on your favourite shows while you get fit.

Turn the music up

If you have kids that are learning an instrument, part of you is probably proud while another part wants to be holding your hands over your ears. Sheds can be soundproofed and turned into mini music rooms. Depending on how far your shed is from the house and your neighbours’, you may not have to soundproof it at all. With a mini music room, your kids can practice their scales without disturbing you.

No matter what you do with the extra space in your shed, remember to check with your city first. Some places have ordinances on what you can and can’t do on your property.


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