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5 Ways To Secure Your Shed

Posted By On 05-12-2016

As winter closes in you are probably thinking about locking up the tool shed and not reopening it until the spring of 2017. But before you do so, make sure that you secure it properly. An unsecure shed leaves everything inside it vulnerable, and you don’t want to reopen it only to discover that some of your best tools have gone missing. Worse, your shed might even suffer damage as a result of a break in. You can secure your shed using a combination of basic and high-tech methods. Here are a few suggestions:

Refurbish Your Shed

The first thing you should do is to take a good look at the structural integrity of the shed. Check for rust and/or rotten parts. If the structure looks as if it can easily collapse with a few blows, then chances are you will have to tear it down and rebuild the entire thing. If there is a fence, carry out a similar inspection and replace the fence if needed.

Replace Old Locks

If your lock is a few years old then chances are it might be rusting and in need of replacing. Ideally, you should replace the pad with one that is rust and weather resistant. If you want to go high-tech then consider getting an electronic door lock. However, that option would only be suitable if the rest of the shed is intact.

Replace Your Doors And Hinges

Even if you have a strong shed, that will not mean anything if your doors are weak. Therefore, check to see that not only your doors are stable, but the hinges as well. If the door hinges are loose then they can be easily unscrewed by a burglar. Look into getting some coach bolts and carriage screws.

Install A Security Camera

For those who want to get a little more tech-savvy, a security camera is a good bet. There are many affordable options that use nothing more than a wifi connection. Combine that with an alarm and you have a pretty good security system for your shed.


If your shed has windows, then getting some blinds is a simple way to prevent would-be burglars from peeking at your goods. Your shed will be dark all the time, but at least only you can tell what’s inside.

Securing your shed doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult. And even if you do have to refurbish or rebuild, it is still a more cost effective option in the long run. Don’t wait until the worst happens to start looking at security, take action now. For more information about taking care of your shed, come visit our website or give us a call.

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