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6 Additions For Your Backyard This Winter

Posted By On 05-11-2015

The days are getting shorter and it is getting darker earlier. The time you had to spend outside in your backyard enjoying the summer heat seems like a distant memory, but just because the cooler months are creeping in doesn’t mean that you can’t still enjoy your yard!

Check out our six ways that you can turn your backyard into a winter paradise this year:

Light up your backyard.
No matter where you are, good lighting is key. It can change the appearance of a space dramatically and for the better.

In the wintertime, good lighting in your backyard can make it look magical, especially after a light snowfall. If you hang strips of lights in a tree, or even between plant pots, you can brighten it up throughout the dark fall and winter evenings. Depending on your backyard set up, you can also add some deck lights, spotlights or well lights to create some bright diversity. The lighting will create a softly, and beautifully, lit atmosphere.

Install an outdoor oven.
We all love a home cooked meal, but cooking in your usual surroundings doesn’t always provide excitement. To spice things up with your cooking routine, consider an outdoor oven. They come in different price ranges based on your budget and can be found at many retailers across the country. Most of these ovens also function as a stove, grill and smoker, too, so you can get creative with your winter eats.

Invest in a new shed.
Your shed can be used as a simple storage solution or as a functional workshop area depending on your needs, but regardless of its purpose, it’s an easy way to make space in your garage and can add instant resale value to your property.

Warm it up with an outdoor fireplace, patio heaters, or fire pit.
Despite the weather getting increasingly chillier, you can still add warmth to your backyard during the winter months with an outdoor fireplace, patio heaters or by setting up a fire pit. If you want to be able to move around, you might want to consider freestanding patio heaters for easier versatility.

Furnish your space.
Waterproof furniture, wood furniture, or alternative options that allow for easy snow removal are easy ways to make your backyard more inviting during the winter. Consider also including some sort of sheltered area so you can feel snug and warm while remaining protected from the elements when enjoying the outdoors with family and friends.

Go for luxury with a hot tub!
Even if you’re trying to embrace the cold, let’s face it: There’s nothing better than warming up when it’s snowing outside. Installing a hot tub will give you something you can enjoy year-round, and is a great way to encourage friends or family to enjoy the fresh air, even when it is a little crisp.

Adding even a few of these elements to your backyard will add a bit of magic to it this winter! For more ideas on how to expand your usefulness in the backyard this year, contact our team today!

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