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6 Common Garage Door Repair Problems

Posted By On 14-05-2018

Are you having problems with your garage doors? Garage doors are not infallible. It is likely that you will have an issue at one point or another. Here are six common problems that you will face with your garage doors and ways to troubleshoot these issues:

The first problem is if the garage doors do not close all the way. Sometimes, it will stop in the middle of going down and then start going up again. Not having the ability to close your garage doors is not good. It is a security concern for your home. There may be a number of reasons that are causing this. The first is that there may be something blocking the path of the garage doors. There may be an obstacle on the track. It is common for obstacles to block the descent of the garage doors.

The second problem is if the sensors do not work. The sensors on the bottom are there to make sure that the garage door does not close if someone is there. If the sensors do not work, the garage doors may experience the same problem as mentioned above. They may not close all the way. The first thing you should do is clean the sensor so that it does not mistake dirt and dust on the surface as an object in the path of the door. Next, make sure the sensors are aligned.

The third problem is if the controls do not work. If the remote control is not working, it may simply need a new battery. Replace the battery and try again.

The fourth problem is if the garage doors make a lot of noise when you open or close them. It is normal for garage doors to make noise when opening or closing, but it should not sound as if you are preparing for battle with your own personal tank. If the garage door makes a lot of noise, it may need to be oiled and cleaned. You should also check for any obstacles in the path that may be getting dragged along.

The fifth problem is if the springs are broken. If the spring breaks, you will hear a large bang coming from your garage. People in the area may think that a firecracker has gone off. It will be very loud and may wake you up. If the spring breaks, you should not operate your door. Instead, you should get the spring replaced as soon as you can.

The sixth problem is if the tracks are bent or otherwise not aligned properly. This is a big problem and can make it dangerous to open or close your garage door, especially if you are riding a car under it or walking under it. Your best bet would be to have a professional repair it.

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