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7 Best Ways To Store Seasonal Items In Your Shed

Posted By On 18-03-2016

Having a shed provides you with the always-needed extra storage space, but if your shed is a disorganized, “catch-all” space,” finding things may just be a frustrating exercise in futility. Setting up your shed so summer or winter items you store can be easily found is not that complicated or costly. Here are just a few ideas:

  1. Adjustable shelves.

    What is great about these shelves as opposed to fixed shelves is that their positioning can be varied, so they can be set up to hold tall and large items as well as small ones. In addition to enabling you to find things at just a glance, adjustable shelves will maximize the square footage of your shed by getting stuff off the ground.

  2. Clear plastic bins.

    These bins can be used to store a variety of things from holiday decorations (Christmas, Halloween, Easter, etc.) to seasonal clothing. Placed on the shelves or just stacked vertically, their see-through plastic sides will let you find things you need quickly. Or, you can just label them with whatever contents they include.

  3. Pegboards.

    All these little holes and hooks on a pegboard can look a bit daunting, but this organizational tool is a very versatile storage device, and it won’t take much time to set up. Start by dividing the surface of the pegboard for specific groups of items. For instance, designate a general tools section where you’ll hang anything from power tools to screwdrivers and next to it a gardening section to attach gardening shears, trowels or garden gloves. Although not as pragmatic as adjustable shelves for larger and heftier storage, pegboards are very handy for smaller and medium-sized items. Baskets and bins containing screws and nails and other tiny hardware, various small seasonal items or only occasionally used materials such as art craft supplies can be conveniently hung from a pegboard.

  4. Hooks.

    Depending on their size, strength and installation, hooks can be used to put a variety of seasonal items out of the way. How many times have you tripped over your garden hose left on the floor of the shed? Get it out of the way by wrapping it on large hooks. You’ll need to buy large, sturdy hooks with a steep angle to keep the hose in place, and either affix it to the shed’s wall or door. Consider hanging hooks on the ceiling to store any sports gear (surfboards, golf bags ) or exercise equipment.

  5. Racks.

    Racks come in all sizes and strengths, and can be used to put away anything from garden tools to sports equipment, keeping it off the ground and creating more floor space in the shed. You can use plastic ties to keep things like cords and cables bundles up and hang them on the racks.

  6. Magnetic bars.

    Magnetic bars have long been used by mechanics to hold their specialized tools, but they also work well for any metal tools and objects, such as pruning shears and trowels. Just make sure the bar has a magnet strong enough for the weight of whatever is going to be affixed to it.

  7. Pots.

    Garden pots can be used to store gardening tools, cleaning supplies, seeds, fertilizers, or any other smaller items. These can also be placed on shelves to create more floor space.

And when the walls, the ceiling and the door of your shed has been optimally equipped to hold and organize all your backyard and house seasonal stuff, you’ll not only be able to find various items easily, but you’ll also have plenty of space to conveniently maneuver your large implements such as your snow blower or your lawn mower in and out of the shed, without tripping!

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