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7 Container And Pot-Friendly Fruits And Vegetables

Posted By On 11-04-2016

Even if you lack the garden space to have your own edible garden in your backyard, being able to plant fruits and vegetables is probably still within your reach. Container gardening also gives you the option of tucking your planters away in your shed when you need more room for entertaining, or when the season is coming to an end. Through the colder seasons, it’s ideal to be able to store gardening containers in the shelter of a shed to protect them from the elements so you can pull them out the following Spring.

And there’s a wide variety of container and pot-friendly fruits and vegetables that require minimal space and grow just as they would if they were in an outdoor garden. In fact, just about any reasonably sized vegetable or fruit would grow well in a container as long as the container is big enough to accommodate it. You don’t have to resort to the dwarf varieties, either, which don’t yield as much. Here are some ideas:

  • Tomatoes. They can be grown in almost any size of container, depending on the variety, of course. Consider adding a cage for additional support as the plant grows.
  • Zucchini and Summer Squash. All types of squash grow well in containers but this is especially true for summer squash. You should be able to get at least three squash each week. Remember that you will need to harvest squash regularly so that you can make room for more.
  • Strawberries. Although they are known as fruits that typically require a lot of space in order to grow, strawberries actually thrive in containers. Ensure that you choose a sunny location for your pot – by a window is ideal. Strawberries can also be grown all year long since they can be grown under artificial light during the winter months. In addition, ensure that your container is large enough to accommodate them and also harvest them regularly.
  • Pineapple. Pineapple can be grown all year. Simply take the crown of a fresh pineapple and soak it in water for a day and then plant in a fairly large container. A balcony or a deck is a great location for your pineapples as they require warmth and sun. If you are growing pineapples during the winter months, ensure that you bring them indoors.
  • Cantaloupe. All varieties of cantaloupe can be grown in containers – you just need to make sure that your container is large enough to accommodate the vines that will spill over with the larger varieties.
  • Cucumbers. Cucumbers are easy to grow in pots and you can grow a lot of them in the right conditions. Cucumbers are best planted in the early summer as they don’t do well in cold temperatures.
  • Green Beans. Green beans are expensive to buy at the grocery store but are very cheap to grow at home. Ensure that you provide them with a lot of water, the right soil and canes to support them.

Don’t let a small space stop you from taking advantage of all of the wonders of growing your own fruits and vegetables at home.

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