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7 Plants That Require Less Space To Grow

Posted By On 18-04-2016

You might find yourself in the position of wanting to add more plants to your garden, but lack the space to do so. Perhaps you don’t have a backyard at all but like the idea of growing plants indoors. Even if you are short on space, you still have a lot of options. Here are plants that require less space to grow – some can be grown outdoors or in or both.

  • Dwarf Conifers. These are a great option for those short on space as they won’t get any taller than 1 to 6 feet over the span of ten years. They are also very low-maintenance. They come in shades of blue, yellow and green and they add both structure and texture to any garden. They require full sunlight and garden soil that is well-drained.
  • Marigolds. Marigolds brighten up a space with their bright colours. They grow both quickly and easily and are very low-maintenance plants. They are traditionally an outdoor plant so they hold up well. Simply place them in a windowsill that receives a lot of sunlight.
  • Japanese Maple. Japanese maples come in smaller varieties that are perfect for small gardens. Some can even be planted in containers or pots. They come in bright colours and add a dramatic focal point to any garden. Ensure that your japanese maple has room for its roots as they grow horizontally. In addition, Japanese maples require ample water. Mulching can also be beneficial.
  • Begonia. Traditionally an outdoor plant, they hold up well and are low-maintenance. They prefer cooler temperatures so ensure that your home doesn’t get too hot. Also place near a window to increase their growth.
  • Chinese Evergreen. Chinese evergreens are a great addition to small gardens because they will only grow to be 6 to 8 inches wide and between 18 inches and 3 feet tall. They are low-maintenance as they require low light conditions. They are available in both green and white. Allow the soil to dry in-between watering to ensure that your plants are the healthiest they can be.
  • Ponytail Palm. While these plants can grow up to six feet, they stay less than an inch wide. They are also very slow growing. This is a great option for those wanting a houseplant as they are low maintenance since they can store water. They do, however, require high light levels.
  • Vegetables: Pole Beans, Peas, Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Summer Squash. These plants all have vines can be trained to grow vertically, therein maximizing space. This will also allow them to receive more sunlight.

All spaces, regardless of size, can be brightened up with a few plants.

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