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7 Tips To Create A Dog Friendly Garden

Posted By On 20-03-2017

Dogs and gardens don’t often mix. In fact, one can seriously do harm to the other if you do not take certain precautions. The key to creating a dog friendly garden is to ensure it is resistant to canine activity such as digging and running. On the other hand, it is also important that you have a garden that is free of chemicals and poisonous plants that may harm your dog. Here are a few tips to make sure that you can create the best environment for your pet and plants:

  1. Create a path for your dog

    Dogs are less likely to trample on your garden if they are able to walk or run on a clearly marked path. For playful dogs, the paths should be reinforced with brick or stone.

  2. Have large plants

    Larger plants tend to earn more respect than smaller ones in the eyes of dogs. In fact, a host of large plants will look like a jungle to a dog. Combined with a clear path, your dog is sure to be kept at bay in your garden.

  3. Create a fence
    The easiest thing to do is to create a fence around your garden to protect it from the dog. Make sure it runs deep enough so that the dog doesn’t dig underneath the fence. Alternatively, you can plant tall grass around the fence or along the path to drive away your dog.
  4. Create a digging pit
    If you can’t stop your dog from digging, then create a digging pit that is separate from the garden. The dog will eventually get used to digging in only that area.
  5. Potty train
    Have your dog potty in a designated area away from your garden. Make sure that the designated area is covered in shrubs since dogs tend to like soft areas.
  6. Have plants that are safe for dogs
    Some plants are not safe for dogs – be sure to keep these plant species out of your garden and it will save you trouble later.
  7. Avoid chemicals
    Avoid using chemicals to fend off insects in your garden. Try to use natural means against them, because chemicals can be harmful to your dog.

It is possible to have a lovely garden and a happy dog – just make sure you have the right plants, a solid path and no chemicals. If you would like any more advice on gardening or have questions, be sure to reach out to our expert team today. We would love to help you have the perfect garden.

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