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8 Garden Storage Hacks Every Gardener Should Know

Posted By On 09-07-2018

Gardens are a privilege in the present day, when finding a good home in itself is an ordeal. If you’re someone who has inherited one or have been able to afford one, congratulations! You have unlocked the way to great outdoor breakfasts, teas, and parties amidst a dash of green and the warmth of nature.

Unlike the indoors, where you have bunks, cupboards, cabinets, and even a basement to store your stuff, the outdoors is comparatively trickier to deal with since there are always chances of your storage space ruining the aesthetics of your garden altogether. Whether it’s a small manicured garden or a big, sprawling lawn, you ought to know just the right tips and tricks as a gardener to make your garden look great.

  1. A Garden Storage Bench

    Every garden has some sort of seating facility. If you have a small garden, you can still use the existing furniture or invest in some new furniture wisely so that it ends up being multi-purpose. For starters, you can get yourself a garden bench that, in addition to serving as a seating space or your workspace, can double up as a storage facility for your gardening tools and kits. You can even make this yourself with some basic carpentering knowledge. It will save space, look good and clean, and keep your garden free from any gardening tools lying around.

  2. Build Yourself a Storage Shed

    For those of you who have a big lawn, you can probably afford the space to build a garden shed for storing more than just your gardening tools, no matter how elaborate they are. This idea is a winner especially if you’re someone who loves engaging in outdoor projects on weekends. With an easy step-by-step tutorial, you can have a storage shed of the size and shape that’s most convenient for you. Not only is this a fantastic storage facility for your gardening tools, clothes, and old stuff from around the house, but it also looks charming. Just make sure you paint the garden shed in the colours of the same palette that the rest of your garden furniture, accessories, and pots have.

  3. Use the Old Pallets

    Before you go ahead and burn those old wood pallets for your next campfire, think about ways in which you can use them for your storage unit in the garden. Big or small, dainty or elaborate, no matter what the size or vibe of your garden is, you can always turn your old pallets into a stunning storage space for your tools. You can hang it on a wall in case of space shortage or make a little coffee table out of it, which can then serve the dual purpose of being a table and a storage unit.

  4. Use Your Garden Mailbox

    Yes, it’s true. Now that you receive more e-mails than letters, you can finally turn that old, forgotten mailbox into a small storage space. The best part? There’s zero effort and no one gets to see where your clumsy, battered gardening tools are.

  5. Hanging Organizer to The Rescue

    Hanging organizers made out of fabric are the best way to store your gardening tools if you have a small garden, toolkit, and budget. Just hang it on one of the tall fences or a wall and organize everything in small pockets. You can store everything from your gardening tools and make-up products for your shoes and winter accessories. This takes up no space at all, is super-efficient, and is light on the pocket as well.

  6. Revamp What Is Old

    Sometimes we tend to overlook what we have available in our homes and reach out for what needs renewed investment, more effort, and a lot more time. When renovating what is old, you can simply utilize stuff lying around the house. In fact, if you already have a storage shed that has little to no utility, consider renovating it and breathing some life into it instead of tearing it down for a new one. Add a few pallets to create more units in the shed, clean and paint it, make provisions for hanging things, and voila! You will have a revamped storage facility that is as good as new!

  7. An Outdoor Cabinet

    Not everyone has the same storage needs when it comes to gardens. Maybe you need to store your tools, or maybe you have to keep the party accessories if you’re someone who entertains guests often. In such cases, a simple DIY outdoor cabinet can go a long way in providing storage to all that you need – plates, cups, glasses, mats – while throwing a barbecue party or an outdoor party in general. Make sure that the cabinet matches the personality and the colour palette of your garden.

  8. Vertical Planters

    Let’s admit it. Sometimes, our garden space falls short of the big array of ideas and the avid interest in gardening we may have. You may want to plant a hundred herbs and shrubs in your garden but only have space for 70. In this case, instead of ditching the idea altogether, you can make a vertical planter for the extra plants.

    Plenty of imagination, heavy-duty construction glue, and some cinder blocks can go a long way in giving you a DIY vertical planter that can be the showstopper of your garden. You can decide how many blocks you want as well as what colour and what pattern you want the planter to be depending on your taste. Whatever you choose for these vertical planets, you can be sure that they will be a hit with guests!

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