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Advantages Of Small-Space Gardening

Posted By On 29-08-2016

If you have limited space and a green thumb, you can still create a beautiful garden. For those who live in apartment buildings or don’t have enough backyard space for a full garden, you can still get fresh herbs, plants, fruits and vegetables at your fingertips. Small-space gardening comes with many advantages besides giving you something to do in your downtime.

Money savers

Small-space gardening is a true money saver because you are only taking care of a tiny area. A full-sized garden can become costly to maintain due to the price of seeds and tools. A small garden costs less and you get a better yield on the money you do spend. Small-space gardens are perfect for herbs. Store-bought fresh herbs can be pricey, but if you’re growing your own you’ll always have access to fresh mint and basil, or whichever herbs you like best.

Easy to adapt to the changing seasons

As the weather changes, you may want to switch your garden to contain seasonal plants. Small-space gardens are easily adaptable to the changing seasons due to their size. It takes little time to switch the plants in a small garden to prepare for the next season.

Location options

A great advantage of a small-space garden is that it doesn’t have to be set up outside. Small-space gardens can sit on windowsills or balconies, but you can also put yours indoors. As long as you ensure that your garden gets enough sunlight, you can grow just about anything inside. Plus, indoor planting creates better air circulation in your home and the smells of the herbs and plants will be delightful. Think of it as a natural air freshener.

No travel time

Since the garden is on your windowsill, balcony or in your home, you don’t have to travel to get to it. With a small-space garden you have the benefit of enjoying it whenever you want, rain or shine, because it’s close by. Many people prefer small-space gardens over full-sized gardens as the smaller size allows them to garden at their leisure. You don’t have to plan an entire day around tending to your garden when it’s kept in a small space.

The smaller your garden, the easier it is to maintain. Small-space gardens require minimal maintenance due to their size. Unlike full-sized gardens, you will find maintaining your small-space garden a breeze.


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