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Choosing the best location for your shed

Posted By On 24-01-2023

When deciding on a shed for your backyard, where will be the best location. Location helps determine the size, shape and even what type of foundation should be used. Location also determines if any clearing or cutting back of brush or trees will be necessary.

What will your shed be used for?

Will your shed be used for storage such as a lawnmower, bicycles, garden tools? Then having the shed easily accessible to the front yard is a must.

Wooden Haliburton Cottage Shed


Will your shed be used as a potting shed? Then having it located closer to garden areas and easy access to water is best. On the other hand, if your looking for a pool house or maybe outdoor entertaining, locating your shed front and centre is the way to go. It will be much easier to determine the location for your shed once you decide what your shed will be used for.

Will your shed be a focal point?

Sheds built for storage typically are tucked away in a corner or at the back of a yard. When designed and painted to blend in with the surrounding area your shed will simply become part of the background.

A potting shed can be made to look like a quaint cottage with added windows, shutters and window boxes.

If your shed is meant for entertaining, place it front and centre to show off it’s character.

Custom Pool Hip Roof Shed With Bar Unit


Whether blended into the landscape or a focal point of your yard, the right shed in the right setting will only elevate the look of your property.

Municipal bylaws may dictate best location

Each municipality has their own bylaws when it comes to building outdoor structures. Always review your local municipal bylaws when considering a shed for your yard. What size shed is allowed before a permit is required? What variances are allowed from my property line or my fence? The answer to these questions will go a long way in determining the best location for your shed.

When planning for a shed there are many things to consider. By doing a little research beforehand you will avoid any future issues. We at In The Back Yard can help you with this process. Our sheds will transform and bring life to your yard.

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