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Best Storage Shed Makeover Ideas

Posted By On 08-05-2019

You can transform a basic storage shed into a man cave, she shed, relaxing getaway, home office, or entertainment space with colourful design and vertical storage solutions. Whether you want to use your shed as a simple storage room or the perfect space to relax, work from home, or pursue a hobby, these ideas can help customize your shed to fit your personal needs and goals:

1. Make the necessary repairs

Outdoor storage sheds are exposed to the harsh elements year round. The construction is not as solid as that of a house, so they’re more vulnerable to strong winds, heavy rainfall, and generally adverse weather. The first step to renovating your shed should be fixing any obvious problems. For example, you could:

  • Replace the wood in a rotted door.
  • Remove and replace rusted door hardware, including hinges and knobs.
  • Repair any cracks in the wall.
  • Repair any loose fittings or light fixtures.

2. Apply a fresh coat of paint

Applying a new coat of paint can have a dramatic effect on the beauty and appearance of your shed. If your shed has been previously used to store garden tools, seasonal gear, and other items, and has been poorly maintained, then its paint has likely chipped and faded. Choose the colours you want based on what you want to use the shed for.

3. Decorate the shed

You can decorate your shed with new, stylish hardware, garden art, and other items that complement the colour and design. Some ways to decorate your shed include:

  • Adding a latch with matching handles.
  • Adding faux lavender wreaths.
  • Hanging a piece of garden art.
  • Installing a vibrant wallpaper to make the space look lively.

4. Decorate the exterior with plants, pavers, or pots

Clean up the area around your shed and consider planting some flowers, herbs, or shrubs for decoration. Mark the boundaries of the garden to contain the soil and mulch, and for visual appeal.

5. Add some curtains

Depending on the orientation of the shed, you may consider adding some curtains to provide shade and privacy while also decorating the space. The right choice of curtains can give the space a pleasant and cosy feel. Match the curtains to the style and purpose of the room. For instance, you can use bright-coloured curtains in a play room for vibrancy.

Here are some factors to consider when choosing the right curtains for your shed:

  • Colours: the colour or pattern should complement the colour palette of your shed interior.
  • Design: this may depend on the trend you want to follow, like monochrome stripes or bold graphics.
  • Fabric: consider purchasing translucent material in light colours to maximize light penetration and provide an airy feel.

6. Consider vinyl tile flooring

Your storage shed probably has basic cement flooring. Depending on the budget, you can repair the existing flooring—wood, tile, or cement—or install a carpet that matches the inside decor. The current trend, however, involves adding vinyl tile because it is attractive and helps to protect the floors from damage, especially water damage.

Whichever type of floor you choose to install, it’s important that you keep it dry to ensure longevity. Here are a few tips to help keep the shed floor dry:

  • Use large eaves and install gutters to direct rain water to the ground. This will help to prevent moisture from getting inside the shed from above.
  • Install a polythene vapour barrier to block moisture and inhibit the growth of plants.
  • Ensure adequate ventilation to get rid of any damp air that may damage timber surfaces. You can leave the underside of your shed completely open to prevent damp air from accumulating.

7. Keep the shed organized

If you want to continue using your shed for storage, as well as a man cave or she shed, then you need to find a smart way to store your garden tools, equipment, seasonal gear, and other items so they won’t clutter the space. There are different options available:

  • Pegboards provide a great storage solution that leaves you with plenty of space at the centre to do other things. You can even perch some plant pots on top of the sideboard to decorate your interior.
  • Repurpose wooden crates to create custom shelving where you can stack up your items. These crates have good strength and durability, which makes them ideal for storing heavy materials. You can even add some hooks inside the crate to hang smaller, light-weight items.
  • Mount a horizontal tool rack to store large metallic shovels, rakes, hoes, and pitchforks off the floor. This will give you enough space above and below the rack for additional storage.

8. Customize the shed for your unique needs

You can make your shed more useful in a number of ways. You can create a:

  • Home office. You can retreat to your backyard when you need a place to concentrate and get some work done away from the noise and distractions in your house. A well built and decorated shed can give you some peace and quiet in a calm, natural setting. Simply set up your desk and chair and add any electronics you may need, including monitors, printer, PC, and so on for your private office.
  • Mini-library. If you love to read, then your shed can provide a great place to retreat and indulge in your favourite books. You can add two or three shelves inside the shed without giving it a crowded look, though you can add some more shelving if you have volumes of books. Also, place a comfy chair where there’s adequate natural light and add a table to hold your cup of tea.
  • Playhouse for the children. You can save yourself a lot of time tidying up your home and keeping the indoors mess-free by designating the outdoor shed as the official play area. Decorate the shed with bright shades and install fun and art items so your children are excited enough to not bother playing in the house.
  • Game room for teens. If your teen is learning to play an instrument, the outdoor shed can be a good place to isolate them, provided they don’t disturb the neighbours. You can also add a few other items for their leisure time, such as a pool/billiard table or painting board.
  • She-shed. Mums are very busy, so every now and then it would be nice to retreat to a quiet, comfy, and relaxing place for some stress relief.
  • Pub. Consider transforming your outdoor shed into a laid-back lounge where dad and his friends can relax and socialize.

Final Note

You can transform your storage shed into a more functional space with just a bit of creativity. Just make sure to customize it for the specific job to get the most value out of the space. For instance, you could install a skylight to maximize natural lighting or soundproof it for a workshop or music studio. For more information, call In The Back Yard at 1-844–212-1284 or contact us here.

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