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Are There Height Restrictions On Garden Sheds In Ontario?

Posted By On 12-09-2016

Height restrictions in Ontario are governed by the Building Code Act, and each city implements building regulations in its jurisdiction. Garden sheds are considered to be “accessory” and can therefore only occupy a percentage of the total land area (around 10%). Regardless of the height, any building that is greater than ten square metres requires a permit. The height is measured from the ground to the highest point of the building.

According to the City of London’s website, the maximum height allowed for an accessory (including a garden shed) is 4 metres or 13.1 feet. You can increase the height up to 6 metres, but you must also increase the distance of the shed from the property line by the same amount.

The City of Barrie has the same height allowance and—in addition—the interior side yard, exterior side yard and rear yard must each be a maximum of 4 metres (13.1 feet) respectively. Each city has its particular restriction so check with the city office first before erecting a shed. There may also be restrictions roof types.

Permitted Use

It should also be noted that sheds are not permitted to be used as living spaces or home-based businesses. According to the City of Barrie’s website, sheds also cannot be constructed on easements. Also, you cannot have a house on top of a garden shed. Many cities do not permit habitable space to be used as accessories. You can run electricity through your garden shed, but you must check with the relevant authorities.

Do Your Homework

What you are allowed to erect depends on exactly where you live. The first place you should check is the city’s website. They usually have the restrictions and other requirements listed. If you don’t see it, or you are not entirely sure which jurisdiction you fall under, make a phone call or visit the office. It might take some time but it will save you the trouble of having to take down a shed if it turns out that you have exceeded the legal requirements.

Most cities in Ontario have similar height restrictions, but they each have their own set of regulations. What is permissible in one area is not permissible in another (even if the difference is feet or two). Once you have done your homework and you are ready to build, we can certainly help you. We have supplies that can make your job easier and can help you make the most of the space you have.

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