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How to Light a Shed Using Solar Lighting

Posted By On 05-08-2019

How to Light a Shed Using Solar Lighting

If you have a backyard shed in Toronto, then you may be thinking of adding some power or light to it. In most cases, the most affordable way to add some light or power to your backyard shed is to run some cable from your domicile to the shed. However, some underground cable may not be sufficient if the distance between the shed and your home is quite prolonged, or the cost to run the cable is too steep.

In such a scenario, your best option may be to use solar lighting to light your shed. The good news is the price to do so may be as low as $100, if all you need is some basic lighting so that you can put away your garden tools. However, if you require AC power in order to charge your batteries and/or to power up your yard tools, then you will likely need to spend a few thousand dollars for a more potent and versatile system.

Here, we will discuss basic and advanced solar kits, which can serve as outdoor shed accessories or upgrades that can be used to light and power your shed.

Buy a Solar Kit

While it is possible to go out and buy various solar components in order to assemble a makeshift solar lighting system yourself, it can be quite complicated. For instance, trying to match the correct battery, charge controller, and collector can be quite dicey if you are not a tech savvy person. Also, if you want some AC power, then you will need to buy an inverter that has the ability to convert DC voltage to AC voltage for your exterior outlets.

As such, all of the required components will need to work together perfectly and must be 100% compatible or you will end up dealing with serious problems down the line. In fact, the various pieces will need to be able to handle the climate that you live in as well. For instance, certain components are designed to handle dampness, while others are built to handle extreme cold or heat.

Ergo, we would suggest that you purchase a solar kit to make your life a lot easier. The good news is you can pick up a solar kit from many local outlets, or you can order one online if you would prefer. In fact, most companies will be more than happy to select a kit for you, as there are dozens to choose from, or they may even design one from scratch for you so that it meets your unique power and lighting requirements.

Basic Solar Kit

We would also suggest that you purchase your solar kit from a local retailer, as you will save a significant amount on shipping costs because solar kits tend to be very heavy and quite bulky. Also, if you only need a short-term lighting solution, then you can purchase one for about $100. For instance, you can buy a solar kit that has a battery that can power the light at about 325 lumens, which is the night-equivalent of a 40 or 50 watt bulb, for roughly 60 minutes.

You may also be able to buy an inexpensive solar kit that includes a night-light, so you don’t need to fumble around in the dark to access the switch. However, it may take a full day of sunlight for the battery to be charged for short-term use. Also, the cheaper kits tend to be barebones in terms of what is included, as most will only include a solar collector and a light.

As a final caveat, while you can purchase a solar kit for next to nothing nowadays, the cheaper kits are not built to last, and most will break down after about a year of use. Hence, if you do decide to go the inexpensive route, then make sure to check the replacement and warranty terms and conditions of your kit’s manufacturer, and check online testimonials and reviews for different kits and select one that has impressive longevity.

What is Included in an Advanced Solar Kit

For longer lasting and brighter light, you will need to spend a few thousand dollars to get a quality kit. For instance, a conventional $2,000 solar kit will include a 1,600 lumen light that is four feet and will work for two consecutive days without the need for a recharge. Also, if you need an outlet, then you can buy a kit for $3,000 that will provide AC power and superior battery storage capacity when compared to the less expensive kits.

We would also suggest that you pick the more expensive solar kit if you plan on powering your electric tools or recharging the batteries of your tools.

Your advanced solar kit will likely include a solar collector panel, which is responsible for converting the photons that are emitted from the sun to a DC-based electrical current for your shed. As for the battery, it will be protected from damage thanks to the included charge controller, which is responsible for regulating the DC current.

Furthermore, the solar kit will include a battery (usually 12 volts) that will house the DC electricity, and a state-of-the-art inverter, which will convert the DC current to AC electricity. A DC LED light will also be provided, as it is currently the most efficient choice for battery conservation on the market. Finally, the superlative solar kit will include an AC outlet that you can use to charge your electrical devices and your rechargeable tools.

In the Back Yard

If you would like to light your backyard shed in Toronto with solar light, then In the Back Yard can help. We provide a wide array of backyard sheds, garages, and more, as well as outdoor shed accessories and upgrades, including solar lighting solutions. To learn more, please visit our website or give us a call at 1-844-208-8425 for a free quote and consultation.


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