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How to Maintain the Temperature in Outdoor Sheds

Posted By On 11-02-2019

How to Maintain the Temperature in Outdoor Sheds

Keeping your outdoor shed at the right temperature year round doesn’t need to be an omnipresent task. Whether you use your shed as a home office, for entertainment or enjoyment, or to store items like furniture, books, and artwork, climate control can maximize your comfort and protect you and your valuables from damage.

Keeping the Shed Cool in Summer

  1. Air conditioning

Depending on your cooling needs, you can choose to install a simple window fan A/C unit. It is affordable and easy to install and maintain. If you have an external air conditioning unit with an evaporator and compressor for your home, you can extend it to your shed to achieve faster cooling. This, however, may require some specialized skills, so consider hiring a professional to avoid damaging your expensive cooling system.

  1. Ceiling fans

When buying a fan for your shed, choose one that is properly sealed against dust and debris. Ceiling fans facilitate the convection process by pushing down cool air and forcing warm air to rise, which helps in keeping the shed cool. Quality fans offer high-speed operations for optimized cooling. Also, consider choosing a fan with reversible rotations so that it can also push hot air down at night or during cooler weather to help warm the shed.

  1. Glazed windows

If you want your shed to have large windows, installing window glazing can improve their energy efficiency and reduce your cooling costs. Glazed windows reduce the amount of solar heat entering your home while letting in cooling breezes from the outside and promoting ventilation inside the shed. Please discuss with a professional about the fitting type of glazing for you depending on the size of your windows and shed orientation.

  1. Shading

If your windows are over-exposed to sunlight, consider adding some internal shading, such as blinds or other window treatments to minimize heat penetration. You can also provide external shading by adding an awning, sails, or outdoor blinds the outside of your windows. For natural shading, consider planting some fast-growing fruit trees to help block intense sunlight and excess heat.

  1. Whirlybirds

You can install several whirlybirds to expel hot air that would otherwise be trapped under your roof, making the shed hot and uncomfortable. They are inexpensive and rely on wind power to function, which means zero energy cost for heating. However, they may not function when the breeze is too light.

  1. Misting systems

These systems aid in cooling by spraying ultra-small water particles into the air, which use the heat in the air to dry out before they can settle on any surface, resulting in a cooling effect. Such evaporative cooling systems work very well in spaces with adequate airflow to keep the droplets suspended long enough for them to evaporate. Poor airflow can cause dampness in your shed.

Keeping Your Shed Warm in Winter

There are several options for heating small spaces. Space heaters can be moved around generally run for only a few hours at a time are good for short-term use. Electric wall heaters can heat your space for a bit longer, but permanent options like furnaces and central heating boilers can make your shed functional throughout winter.

Properly heating your shed will ensure that it’s comfortable at night and during the cold seasons, and that your valuables, tools, and equipment are protected from damp, rust, and degrading. With good insulation, you can keep condensation out and warm air in your shed. Heating your shed can be easy and cost-efficient. Here are some options to consider:

  1. Tube heaters

These thin, tube-shaped heaters are safe and cheap to run, as you simply plug them into a wall socket when you need to heat up your space. They also occupy very little space, and are usually portable, which makes them convenient.

  1. Electric Radiator

These are convenient, safe, and cost-effective, especially when fitted with a thermostat, although they take up precious space on your walls. However, their heat is not properly distributed in the space, causing some areas to remain damp if it’s not moved around.

  1. Electric convection heater

They can be wall-mounted or freestanding. Some come with timers and thermostats, which make them quite efficient. They’re also easy to install and cost-effective to maintain.

  1. Underfloor heating

This option helps to maintain a stable temperature across the shed. It’s more energy efficient than standalone heaters, but more expensive to install and maintain, since you have to pull up the floor to access it.

  1. Halogen heater

These are very efficient and cheap to run. You simply place it next to your power supply and turn it on when you want to heat your space.

  1. Wood stove

You should hire a professional to install a wood stove and fireproof the surrounding area. Though it’s a reliable source of heat, it takes up a lot of space and can be quite expensive to run, but does bring a unique feel and look to any space.

Set Long-Term Goals

Before choosing the ways to cool and heat your outdoor shed, first determine your long-term goals. For instance, a shed that will be largely used for fun and enjoyment during summer may need to focus more on cooling, whereas a home office or workshop that will be used year round will need a more elaborate heating.

Keep in mind that less expensive options that only provide short-term relief and don’t completely address your needs will cost more in the long run. Similarly, more expensive climate control systems may not be worth the investment if you won’t be using them. Plan with your long-term goals in mind to save yourself some money.

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