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How to Organize Outdoor Sheds

Posted By On 25-03-2019

Your home shed should be the place in which you’re able to store tools and take on home projects in the months ahead. But for many homeowners, their shed is cluttered, with little amount of storage available. Our team at In the Backyard works around the clock to guide clients regarding their outdoor shed options, and in this latest post, we’re presenting our guide to organizing outdoor sheds.

Create a Supply Cupboard

One great option for organizing your shed is to create a small extension to the shed and install a supply cupboard. The cupboard should be designed to hold the tools that you use most often so that you have simple access to them when required. A leading consideration should be the placement of the cupboard. Many choose to mount the cupboard on the exterior of their shed for quick tool access.

Use a Pegboard Organizer

Another alternative for organizing an outdoor shed is to use a pegboard organizer. The pegboard can be used with hooks and other attachments to store all types of tools on the wall of the shed. Make sure that you add labels to the pegboard so that each item has its place and can easily be found when required.

Ensure Cushions and Other Fabric Items are Sealed Away

One of the more common mistakes homeowners make when putting their patio cushions and other fabric items away for the winter is to simply place them directly into the shed for storage. Moisture can then enter the shed and damage the fabric, making the item unusable in the future. To mitigate this problem, it’s important that you place fabric items in a sealed container and then store the container in the shed. The sealed container can help protect against moisture damage during the cooler months.

Use a Potting Bench for Messy Plants

If you’re an avid gardener, it’s likely that, during plant care, you will move some of the plants into the shed. Installing and using a potting bench can help to reduce the mess in the shed. The potting bench will allow you to store gardening tools and plants in a way that doesn’t impact the rest of the space.

Work with a Dedicated Toy Storage Space

If you have children, it’s likely that a large majority of the clutter in your shed is related to your kids and their activities in the yard. You’ll likely find hockey equipment, pucks, basketballs, and other similar products in a heap in the shed. If you don’t have children, you may find that equipment such as bikes and gym products find their way to the shed during home cleaning. Take the time to use a dedicated toy storage space to separate these items within the shed.

Carefully Store Hazardous Materials

Working around the yard and on cleaning projects in the home often requires using hazardous materials. During your organizational work, you might consider installing a lockable cabinet for your hazardous materials. Keeping them in a secure cabinet within the shed will help reduce the risk of children accessing the materials and limit the chances that pets and local wildlife will interact with the products.

Repurpose Old Drawers

Updating your shed with old furniture from inside the home can be a great way to improve the space. While those old drawers might not fit with the aesthetics of the home, they could be ideally suited to the shed space that only you and your family will use. Often, families use drawers from a children’s room after the child moves away for school. These drawers are the ideal option for a range of storage needs.

Build a Shovel Rack

One item that continuously causes storage headaches in the shed is the garden shovel. The shovel, along with spades and rakes, is often leaned against the side of the shed wall, a location from which it can fall and damage other equipment in the shed. To solve this problem and to ensure that your shovels remain in place, consider adding a shovel rack to the shed. A rack can be used to hang your equipment and allow for easy access to all areas.

Don’t Forget to Use the Ceiling

One area that many fail to consider when reviewing their shed storage options is the ceiling. The ceiling can be harnessed to great effect as part of your shed organizing process. For example, you can use a bike hanger and hoist system to store your bikes near the ceiling in the shed. The space below the bike can then be used for other types of storage, opening up the entire area significantly.

Choose In the Backyard for Shed Options

Our team at In the Backyard thrives by delivering high-quality outdoor sheds that are built to last within the modern property. We can help you to find that ideal system for your property. Below are several reasons clients select their sheds through our experts:

  • Customization Options

We can customize any of the sheds within our selection specifically for use within your property. This means you won’t have to settle for a system that doesn’t quite fit your needs. Each element is optimized for you and your home requirements in the years ahead.

  • Full Selection

We offer a comprehensive selection of sheds, including the traditional Algonquin Single Slope style and the contemporary Haliburton-style shed. The depth of our selection helps ensure you’ll find that unique shed style for your property.

  • Experienced Team

The seasoned professionals here at In the Backyard can help to guide you regarding your shed requirements. We’re experts in the shed installation process and can help to integrate the system seamlessly so that your shed is set up and ready to use quickly.

Our team at In the Backyard is now offering a full range of shed products for homeowners throughout the region. To learn more about our company and the products and services we provide, please call today.

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