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How to Prep Your Backyard Shed for Winter

Posted By On 21-05-2018

A homeowner who wants to make sure their shed lasts for many years to come needs to know how to make the shed ready for nature’s harshest season. A few simple steps can help the homeowner help his shed get through the winter months.

Clean the Shed Out

This should be done on a regular basis even without preparing the shed for winter. Most people treat their sheds as junk drawers. The structure should be cleaned out, and the floor should be swept. When the floor is clear, check for holes and cracks on the floor. Be sure to check for cracks in the wall as well. This is a good time to see if any repairs need to be made. If repairs do need to be made, try to finish them before the start of Winter. There are only a few more landscaping tasks left.


Removing the items from the shed also gives the building’s owner time to reorganize. Declutter and remove all the old, broken, and unnecessary items. After the unneeded items are removed, install hooks or shelves if these items are not already in place. After everything is ready, the remaining items can be stored in their proper position.

Necessary Maintenance

The tools taken out of the backyard shed in the previous step can be sharpened or replaced before they are stored for the winter. Lawnmowers and weed eaters should have their fuel removed before storage. Remember to dispose of these items safely. Gasoline can be stored in a dry place with low humidity and used for the next season. Two-cycle engine oil should be replaced.

Use a Tarp

Sheds are not necessarily constructed to be waterproof. Condensation can happen on blades and other surfaces as well. To help prevent this from happening, tools with blades made of any iron or steel should be covered. Using the tarp protects such tools from rust and extends their usable lifespan.

Preparing a shed and its contents for winter can be a difficult task. As with any other maintenance task, it reduces costs in the end. If someone enjoys cleaning, decluttering and home improvement projects, it may also be the last thing someone does before Fall produces the first frost. It may also be the last gardening act of the season for some people. If there is time and the paint is cracking, it may also be a good idea to repaint it. Enjoy the landscaping when the project is finished.

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