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How To Improve Your Home’s Property Value

Posted By On 24-04-2017

Most people know what can be done to the inside of their homes in order to increase property value. New appliances in the kitchen, a more modern bathroom with better fixtures, and a fresh coat of paint are high on the list, but did you also know that there are lots of upgrades and additions that you can make to the outside of your home? Below are some great ways to improve your home’s property value by making improvements to your yard.

Match Your Landscaping to Your Home

The best way to get the largest return possible on any landscaping improvements is by making sure that it fits with your home’s style. If you have a classic Cape Cod, or Tudor-style home, a traditional Japanese garden is going to look terribly out of place and offsetting, and will make people wonder about what your taste is like inside as well.

Plant Trees

You would be surprised just how much adding a few beautiful, well placed trees can do for your property value. This is something to start as soon as you buy a new home, or a piece of property that you are planning to build on, but you can also bring in full-grown trees (although this is a much more expensive option).

A Garden Shed

A beautifully designed garden shed can also bring an increase in property value. Not only is the structure worth money, but the convenience, and, if it is well taken care of, the aesthetic appeal, can make your home more attractive to prospective home buyers (especially if they are avid gardeners).

Garden Beds

Garden beds take time and money to get right, so if you have already spent years cultivating a stunning garden in your backyard, chances are you are going to be able to increase the asking price of your home. This is even more true if you have invested in other landscaping such as stonework, and have worked your garden into the flow of the natural landscape around your home and property.

Getting the most for one’s home is the goal of any home seller, and getting the most for one’s money is the goal of any home buyer. If you have already taken care of the inside of your home, and want to optimize the appeal of the outside of your home, keep the above property value increasing tips in mind and show people why your home is worth the asking price.

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