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Necessary Tools For Easy Lawn Maintenance

Posted By On 26-11-2015

Quality tools are an essential part of having a healthy lawn. If you use the appropriate tools for the job, it will make your lawn care maintenance easier, and will save you money in repair costs from using tools improperly for jobs they weren’t built for.

Here are the top tools you will need to get your lawn care regimen in full swing:

Get the right lawnmower for your needs:
There should be no surprises here, lawnmowers are the top item for proper lawn maintenance. There are several types available including corded electric, gas, manual, battery-operated and push propelled, along with riding and other advanced options. Depending on your lawn size and your specific needs, you may need nothing more than a basic option, but keep in mind that a mower is an investment. Spending on a quality one now will save you money in the long run since you won’t be left purchasing a new, cheap one year after year.

Shears for your edges:
If you want to keep the edges of your lawn looking attractive, shears will be an essential addition to your shed. The best part? They’re extremely easy use! Working just like large scissors, becoming an expert with shears is second nature to most people with a green thumb.

String trimmers:
These are good for all the spots that your mower can’t get to. They’ll help you work around patios, fences and walls, plus they’re useful for long glass and really tight corners. It functions by using a high-speed nylon string that rotate and cut the grass.

A sturdy broom:
These are good for many reasons and are often incredibly inexpensive. They can be used to poke holes for aeration or just to sweep up after your mow the lawn, but their main purpose (and most useful one) is to simply help keep your lawn area tidy.

Wheelbarrow (garden cart):
From lawn waste to fertilizer, it’s the perfect transportation method for things you need to move around in your lawn.

A rake is essential for preparing small areas of soil for your planting needs.

A sturdy shed:
When it comes to lawn maintenance, one of the best things you can invest in is a proper shed. If you’re planning on investing in multiple tools and other lawn care supplies, you need to have a good solution to house them, otherwise you’ll end up cluttering your lawn with the same things you’re using to better it!

For more information on how you can make the most of your yard, contact our team today!

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