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Outdoor Living Space Ideas

Posted By On 08-08-2016

Who says you have to have a boring backyard? Instead of going with the typical backyard setup, go for an outdoor living space that you’ll actually be excited to spend time in and share with others. If you’re not sure what type of outdoor living space you want, consider these ideas:

Create a private area

Unless you want your neighbours dropping by whenever they feel like it, you should create a private outdoor living space. Unique fences, such as those made of latticework or bamboo, are perfect for an outdoor living space. Besides fences, you can also use shrubs or dwarf trees to make a perimeter around your outdoor area. Containers with vines crawling up a trellis can make a nice divider too. For even more privacy, try a gazebo or an awning. These work double-time to shade you from the elements, and neighbours.

Stay warm with a fireplace

Outdoor living spaces don’t need to be for summer use only. By adding a fireplace or fire pit to your space, you can stay warm and cozy on cold nights. Before installing an outdoor fireplace or fire pit, check with your city’s building codes and ensure that you have contacted your local fire department to get a copy of their outdoor fire-safety rules. You do not want to violate any city ordinances and have to get rid of your fireplace because you didn’t investigate first.

Change up the seating

Don’t settle for traditional patio furniture. Get creative with your outdoor living space and try stools, benches, and couches. Make sure that the furniture you get for your space is meant for outdoor exposure, otherwise you will ruin it.

One accent is all it takes

Accent pieces aren’t reserved for indoors. Give your eyes something to land on with an accent piece for your outdoor living space. Outdoor accents can range from anything like a waterfall or pond or an extensive barbeque pit.

Plant with purpose

Create a vegetable garden or pepper the space with little potted plants. Just remember that anything you plant in your outdoor living space needs to get enough sunlight.

Don’t be afraid of going for bold with your outdoor living space. The goal is to get you outside and enjoying the weather, maybe even when it’s cold out.


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