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The Perfect Shed Size For You

Posted By On 24-07-2017

Once you know the material and the design of your shed, you are going to need to decide on the size. Choose something too big, and you might find yourself with a lot less space in your yard. Choose something too small, and you might end up not getting a lot out of a structure that is meant to take some of your bulkier outdoor items out from under your deck, or from inside your garage. If you would like some guidance on choosing the best shed size for you, below are some tips that should help. You just need to ask yourself a few questions.

Question 1: How Much Space Can You Spare In Your Yard?

You need to consider how much length, width and height you are willing to give up in your yard for your shed. You can build the shed as big or small as you like, but you need to understand how much free space you expect to have before moving forward. Place a few stakes in the area where you think your shed will be to get the best idea of what that space would look like occupied, and if you would be comfortable with that.

Question 2: What Are You Using the Shed for?

Ask yourself this question before moving ahead with the build or purchase. Do you want it just for gardening tools and supplies? Is it going to double as a workshop, or a hobby house? Do you have things in self-storage that you could transfer into a backyard shed? If you know why you need the shed, you will be able to make the most accurate calculation as to the space required.

Question 3: What Will You Store?

Making an inventory of what you think you might store in the shed will help you decide the right dimensions. If you are storing things that are tall, you will need a shed that maximizes vertical space. If you are storing bulkier, shorter items, then you will need a shed that is wider and longer. You will also need to figure out the door size that is required to comfortably move your things in and out of the shed.

Choosing the right size shed involves some mental math and some projecting into the future. You need to be able to visualize yourself in the shed, as well as what you are likely to store. But, if you ask yourself the above questions, and provide yourself with honest answers to them, you will know exactly the amount of space you need for storage, and be able to move forward with the build comfortably.

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