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Pocket-Friendly Storage Solutions for Your Garage

Posted By On 05-07-2019

If your garage is chock-full of memorabilia, bric-a-brac, and other such items that you have no space for in your home then you may be looking for storage solutions that won’t wreak havoc on your wallet. By reducing the amount of clutter in your garage you can have more room to store your automobiles, tool collection, or even your boat for when the summer months around. Here, you will find three simple and inexpensive solutions that will allow you to maximize the spatial confines of your garage.

Vertical Storage

Most people would enjoy having a garden to tend to during the beautiful summer months, but would probably prefer to not have to worry about storing their shovels, rakes, and other such long-handled tools. The good news is you can reduce the amount of space your garden tools take up by storing them vertically.

For instance, you can place a wooden pallet against your garage’s wall in order to store your tools. Or, you can cut a PVC pipe in half and place it against the wall for similar results. Regardless of which option you choose, you will end up saving a lot of space and reducing clutter in your garage. Both options are also very easy to build and implement, and very inexpensive as well.

If you decide to take the wooden pallet route all you will need to do is sand the pallets down and then proceed to screw them into the wall. As for the PVC solution, all you need to do is cut the pipe in half and then attach it to the wall of your garage via a few screws or nails.

Install Pegboards

Pegboards are a great solution if you are having problems with organizing some of the smaller items in your garage. These can quickly accumulate and lead to unsightly clutter that will create a mess on your table tops or on the floor. The good news is you can help organize all of those small items and cut back on your clutter by using a few pegboards.

Any items that have never been taken out of your storage boxes or have quickly become lost in the back of some of your drawers can be given a new purpose with a few handy pegboards.

Pegboards are also very versatile and customizable, meaning you can easily add shelves, a few hanging boxes, and nails to your pegboards if needed. Pegboards are also very affordable, so they will not break the bank, and serve as a very pragmatic solution to quickly take care of clutter issues.

In the past, you may have forgotten that you had some of your tools because they ended up being lost at the bottom or at the back of your toolbox. However, pegboards are the ideal solution to organize your entire cavalcade of tools, as they will be conveniently displayed within arms reach, instead of being concealed inside a box.

You can also further simplify things by organizing all of your tools according to category, shape, or size. In sum, pegboards are not only easy to install and inexpensive but also make storage completely hassle-free and easy as well.

Use Buckets

If you have children then you may have learned the hard way that kids aren’t the biggest fans of tidying up after playtime is over. Sporting equipment and toys tend to create a mess and usually end up being cluttered in the garage to make way for the latest and greatest gadgets. However, you can easily and inexpensively deal with clutter in the garage by storing your children’s toys and sporting equipment inside buckets. Simply store the items in a sufficient number of buckets and then label them accordingly so that you can get to the items easily when needed.

We would also suggest that you further simplify things by installing a storage system. All you will need to build the storage system is to take four or five metal buckets and then paint them with chalkboard paint, in order to streamline the labelling process. Then simply add a few rudimentary shelves so that you will have a place to install the buckets and start organizing!

As for labelling, these should be determined by the items that your children use to play or exercise with. For instance, you can use labels such as sports equipment, beach toys, video games, board games, dolls and so forth. We would also recommend that you get your kids involved in the organization of their toys, as it will teach them discipline, and help foster a strong work ethic at an early age. You can even make turn the organization into a fun game with prizes, or turn it into a race to see who can tidy up the fastest.

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