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How To Prevent Animals From Making Your Shed Their Winter Home

Posted By On 20-02-2017

Animals need shelter just like you do, and they will find it wherever they can—even if it’s in your garden shed. The key to preventing this is by keeping your shed clean and in good condition. The stronger the structure, the harder it is for animals to get in. And when it is kept clean, there won’t be anything for rodents to go after. Here are a few tips to make your shed animal proof this winter.

Clean Out Your Shed

It’s worth stating the obvious. Take time to get rid of old things in your shed—especially organic material, as it can easily attract insects and animals. This is especially true if animals have already visited your home. Check for eggs and cobwebs that may have been left there in the summer.

Inspect The Interior

Check for holes and loose pieces of wood, especially near the doors, windows and roof. One way to see if your shed has holes is by checking it after some heavy rainfall. If you see puddles in your shed then it means that you have some repairs to carry out. If the rain can get in, then so can creatures.

Keep Water Away

It is important to have a proper gutter in order to keep the water from running onto your shed. This is especially important for wooden sheds, because this makes your shed more prone to rotting. If you have a gutter, keep it clear of dirt, leaves and dropped fruit. The fruit is what can especially draw animals to your shed.

Create A Concrete Base

Have a concrete base for your shed; this prevents animals from digging their way into it. In lieu of that, you can use breeze blocks or paving slabs just above ground level. Apart from preventing animals from entering, having a solid foundation is better for the overall structural integrity of the shed.

Animal Traps And Repellents

If you’re not afraid of handling animals (dead or alive), then explore the use of animal traps. There are traps that are both lethal and humane, so depending what you are comfortable with you can pick your choice. Repellents can also work, but that doesn’t prevent you from doing the other things to keep them out in the first place.

It’s easy to protect your shed from animals. By simply keeping it clean and using a few commercial items, such as traps and repellent, you can ensure that your shed is free of unwanted residents. If you have any questions, we would love to hear from you.

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