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How To Protect Your Plants This Winter

Posted By On 13-02-2017

Winter is here again, and this is usually the time when your garden is at its most vulnerable. Cold temperatures can be just as tough on your garden as it is on you, so take some steps to protect your garden from the winter season. If you aren’t sure what to do, here are a few suggestions to get you started.

Layer Up

Just as you would put on some extra layers when it gets cold, you should put some extra layers on the soil. Mulch serves this purpose perfectly, and by adding a few layers of it on the soil, you are protecting your plant’s roots.

Take Your Plants Indoors

For plants that are especially vulnerable to the cold, you should consider having an indoor garden. This allows you to have the kind of plants you want year-round and you have more control over what elements your plants are exposed to.

Cover Them Up

While taking them indoors is ideal, the next best thing is to put a tent or covering over your plants. Just make sure that the cover doesn’t touch the leaves, because the whole idea is to protect your plants from the effects of frost. Plastic is pretty effective and is especially good at trapping heat.

Use Heating

You can create a heat source for your plants while covering them up with plastic. Light bulbs and Christmas lights are good for this, just be sure you create the right amount of heat without burning the plant. One way to avoid this is be simply ensuring that the lights do not touch the plant.

Water Your Plants

It’s a basic thing that you must do year round but it’s worth mentioning. Plants need water to survive, and they also need water to enable them to trap heat better. Wet soil acts as an insulator for plants.

Go With Hardy Plants

Sometimes the best thing is to simply plant plants that are built for cold weather. Not only do you have something to show in your garden even in the winter, you don’t have to worry as much about protecting them from the cold weather.

The winter season can be harsh, but it doesn’t have to ruin your garden. If you take the steps to take care of your plants and see them through the winter, you will have much less work to do when spring comes around. For more information about winter supplies or preparation, give us a call or speak to our staff.

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