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Shed Some Light On Your Shed With A Custom Skylight

Posted By On 04-09-2017

Whether you use your shed to store supplies and equipment, as a home office, or a playroom, using the right kind of lighting will allow you to maximise the space and save you money. Custom shed skylights deliver enough natural light so you can easily see inside your shed and manoeuvre around without the risk of injury.

Other reasons to consider a shed skylight include:

  • The ability to save wall space Rather than install windows that reduce the space available to hang up your tools and supplies, a custom skylight provides light from above, allowing you to utilise all your wall and floor area as needed.

  • Energy savings Even if you have electricity in your shed, a skylight can provide enough natural lighting for good visibility during the day, so you only turn on the lights when it’s absolutely necessary.

  • Mood enhancing Natural light is beneficial to the body. You can work or play in the shed as you soak in some vitamin D and lift your spirits.

  • Great for artistic work If you like to draw or paint at home, working in a shed with plenty of natural lighting can help you achieve better colour results compared to using artificial light.

  • Types of skylights If you are convinced that skylights can improve the functionality of your shed, then you should choose a design that gives you everything you need. Skylights are generally designed to let in natural light. But there are different types to consider, including:

    1. Standard skylights These skylights use a framing system to let fresh air into the shed without allowing heat to escape. They’re typically double glazed and filled with inert gas, though some also feature a low-E coating to reduce heat gain on sunny days.

    2. Polycarbonate sheet skylights These skylights are a staggering 250 times stronger than the equivalent thickness of glass. The sheet is virtually unbreakable, and is used where security is a primary concern. It’s lightweight and cheaper to produce than glass, which makes it easy to install and support. Though the sheet does not have any energy efficiency coatings, its twin wall and cellular construction offers great insulation in all kinds of weather.

    3. Dome style skylight These tubular skylights can be fitted from the shed roof down to the lower level, for a loft-style look without any structural changes. These skylights are insulated and have different diameters ranging from 250mm to 350mm. They also feature an acrylic covering for UV protection.

    Finding the right skylight for your shed Beyond these common shed skylight styles, you can have your own custom skylight with the material, shape, and design that best suits your needs. For maximum energy efficiency, it should be professionally installed and properly insulated. Installing some blinds or shutters can also keep items from fading due to sunlight exposure.

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