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How To Store Your Gardening Equipment

Posted By On 10-04-2017

If you love your garden, chances are, you also love your gardening tools. Anyone who knows the joys of gardening gets immense pleasure out of taking a trip to the local home and garden store to shop for a new trowel, spade or pair of garden shears. If you’ve spent the money purchasing high quality gardening equipment, you are going to want to make sure that you store it properly, and look after your investment. Below are some tips for storing your gardening equipment.

Hand Tools

One of the main things to keep in mind about hand tools is that it is essential that they are put away clean. After washing your metal hand tools with soap, it is important to make sure that their working parts are kept in full working order by applying lubricants like WD-40 on a regular basis. A good pair of shears is not cheap, so give your metal hand tools the TLC they deserve.

Electric Tools

These are going to be the most expensive tools in your garden shed, as well as the bulkiest. Always store things like weedwackers and leaf blowers unplugged and in an upright position. To ensure that they are not taking up more space than they need to, invest in some hooks so that each piece of machinery can be stored vertically.


Most gardeners like the idea of a shovel rack. You can install a shovel rack on the inside wall of your garden shed and store the shovels horizontally. This is really the best way to make use of vertical space and organize your shovels. It prevents them from being constantly in the way when you need to get in and out of your storage space.

Prevent Moisture

If you want to keep your garden tools rust free for as long as possible, then you are going to want to eliminate humidity. This is not always an easy task. If you are storing metal tools in a toolbox, consider throwing in some of those silica gel packets that often come with new pairs of shoes and other products. This will help suck moisture out of the air and prevent oxidization.

The main takeaway from the above is that you want your garden tool storage area to be organized and protect your tools. Your garden tool storage area, whether it be in a shed behind the garden, in your garage, or somewhere else, will benefit when you keep the above storage tips in mind.

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