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Stunning Portable Shed Ideas

Posted By On 17-07-2019

Summer is just around the corner, and you may be planning on building an outdoor shed for your yard. And if you are planning on building a custom outdoor shed in Toronto you may be interested in some truly unique ideas that will make your new shed. You will likely also want to build your shed without breaking the bank either, so we have put together a few stunning portable shed examples that will help you get started on building your dream portable shed.

The Greenhouse

If you enjoy gardening from time to time, then why not take your gardening exploits to a whole new level by building a greenhouse? To begin, you will need to make sure that the temperature is just right, so try and have the greenhouse be positioned so that it is facing the sun. That way, you can rest assured that it will still get some much-needed light and heat from the sun during those cold, frosty winter months.

Double stud construction will also help with insulation, which will help reduce the number of gaps through which heat can escape. However, if you are concerned that adding insulation will not suffice to keep your plants healthy and nourished during the winter, then we would suggest adding space heaters.

However, please ensure that you follow all of the safety precautions to avoid a potential fire. As for lighting, you should try and add a few extra windows to ensure that all of the plants in your greenhouse are getting sufficient light to thrive and grow. Window positioning, as well as the size of your windows, can also be customized, and you can also opt to add a few extra portable battery-powered lights if you are not satisfied with your current lighting arrangement.

The Office

If you are thinking of telecommuting to work but are having trouble finding enough space in your home to build a home office, then why not transform a portable shed into a home office that you can be proud of? In fact, transforming a portable shed into a home office is arguably even better than having your home office be built indoors, as having an outdoor office will reduce the number of distractions that you will have to deal with at home.

To begin, we would suggest that you have the door and windows of your portable shed be replaced so that your shed will have more of an office aesthetic that can help boost your productivity. Evidently, the windows should be well insulated so that you can work without feeling cold during the winter, and the door should also come with a very sturdy and durable lock to deter burglars from breaking in. Next, you will need to have electricity so that you can use your computer, access the internet via wi-fi, and have proper lighting for your home office.

However, we would suggest that you hire a fully licensed, bonded, and insured electrician to handle all of your wiring needs for you, as they are certified experts who also offer a guarantee on all parts and labour, so you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that the job will be done right the first time. You may also want to consider installing trim work, i.e., window casing, baseboards, as well as painting the trim and your walls. Flooring can also be renovated by laying laminate flooring, carpet, hardwood, or tiling in your shed.

The Gym

If you need some space to work out in peace and quiet then a home gym may be right for you. With so many Canadians struggling to get exercise due to work, school, and other family activities, having a home-based gym can save you time, money, and stress.

To begin, you will need to move all of your workout equipment from your house to your portable outdoor shed. We would recommend that you enlist the help of your family or friends to help move your weight lifting station, treadmill, elliptical bike, rowing machine, and any other exercise equipment that you plan on using on a regular basis.

If you want to keep the heavy lifting to a minimum and have more extra space to work out in, then you can bring smaller workout pieces into your shed, such as a jump rope, stability ball, kettlebells, foam roller, or free weights. You can also maximize your home gym space by repurposing an item that is currently not being used in your home into a shelf.

You could also build a few handy shelves to store your weights and other such workout equipment using some inexpensive scrap wood. Moreover, if you want to get your workout started asap, or don’t have the budget or know-how to build several storage shelves, then you can get creative by using any unused bricks or cinder blocks to create a makeshift step up plank that won’t cost you a dime.

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