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Things to Consider Before Adding a Shed to Your Backyard

Posted By On 19-08-2019

Things to Consider Before Adding a Shed to Your Backyard

While building a shed can be an exciting project that you and your loved ones can partake in, there are a few things that you need to consider before you decide to add a shed to your backyard. Also, most people build sheds in their backyard because they need some extra storage space in order to house their home renovation tools, as well as garden supplies and other miscellaneous household items or trinkets.

Regardless of what you need to store, a shed can serve as a convenient and compact storage space that can be fairly easy to build and cost-effective as well. Here, we will focus on a few key things that you will want to think about before you begin working on your new backyard shed.

Local Code Compliance

Local building codes are where you should start your research before any preliminary building work takes place. To do so, contact your local chamber of commerce, as they will tell you what building codes you will need to adhere to if you want to build your shed legally. For instance, the codes may dictate that you can only erect a shed in certain zones or areas, or may stipulate that you need to design and fabricate the shed in a specific manner.

Failure to follow local building codes will lead to serious problems down the line, so it is better to play it safe and contact your local chamber of commerce so you are fully aware of how you need to build your shed and where you can place it.

Style and Size Selection

Step two involves picking the correct size and style for your backyard shed. That is, as you peruse through multiple building plans and specs for your shed, you will quickly discover that there are multiple options to choose from. As such, while you may have a bevy of different styles and sizes to choose from, the size that you select is of the utmost importance. In order to help you pick the ideal size, you should consider the room that you think you will require, as well as what you plan on using your backyard shed for.

Even the style of your property and home will influence the size and style of your shed, as you don’t want it to take up too much room, and you also want to make sure that it perfectly complements the architecture of your domicile as well. This is especially important if you plan on selling your home in the not too distant future, as you will want your shed to increase the value of your property instead of serving as an eyesore that will devalue your home.

Location and Functionality Factors

Step three will involve the location and function of your backyard shed. First, you should strongly consider the functionality goals of your shed, as they will dictate where the shed will be erected. To illustrate, if your main purpose for building the shed is to store your garden tools, then it would make sense to have it built near your garden.

In other words, you will want to situate your shed near the area where it will be put to use most frequently. The last thing you want is to have a shed full of gardening tools when your garden is literally located on the other side of your property.

Identify Problems Near the Building Zone

While you’re fabricating your backyard shed, you should also inspect the building zone very carefully to ensure that there are no issues. For example, if your yard is teeming with trees and foliage, then you may want to prepare for the possibility of branches and leaves falling on your shed during a storm and causing damage to the foundation or roof of your backyard shed.

You will even need to consider the possibility of tree roots causing problems for your shed in the future. Moreover, you may want to think about eliminating a few trees if you do not have an open space to erect your backyard shed. Furthermore, you will want to ensure that the building zone that you are working on has superlative drainage and is level. The last thing you want is a large pool of water sitting on your backyard shed due to poor drainage near the construction site.

Consider Extra Features

The fifth and final step is considering adding extra features or upgrades that will enhance the functionality and/or aesthetics of your backyard shed. For instance, if your main reason for building a shed is that you need a place to store your tools, then you may want to add a few extra storage shelves that offer copious amounts of storage.

A beautiful paint job, decorative trim, and/or adding a few shutters can also ameliorate the exterior appearance of your backyard shed. However, the aforementioned nice extras aren’t necessary, as they may increase your shed expenditures. Still, if you have some extra money, it can be nice to add a few extra features to enhance the beauty and pragmatics of your shed.

In the Back Yard

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