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Tips for Creating a Backyard Oasis

Posted By On 03-06-2019

Summer is just around the corner and you may have storage sheds in Toronto that you want to upgrade. Or, perhaps you want to transform your backyard into a glorious oasis. Many Canadians dream of a home away from home, where they can kick back, relax, and let the worries just disappear. From grilling on a state-of-the-art new grill to catching some rays and tunes near a lake or near the patio, you can transform your backyard into a safe haven for your friends and family with a little bit of elbow grease. Here, we will help you realize your ideal vision for a backyard oasis.

Create the Ideal Seating Arrangement

In order to be comfortable and absorb all that nature has to offer during those tentative summer months, you will need comfortable seating for you and your loved ones. Here, furniture that could easily be mistaken for indoor living room pieces should be used. Sectionals, in particular, are highly recommended for ideal outdoor seating, and you may also be able to pick up a sectional that includes a beautiful coffee table that matches the piece and will allow you to socialize and drink with friends and family with ease.

Moreover, certain sectionals will include an ottoman, which will allow you to prop up your feet, or you can use it as an additional seat if you wish. You can also opt to top your ottoman with a tray in order to transform it into a makeshift beverage or snack holder. The sky’s the limit! Yet another option is to go with a conversation set. There are a plethora of different conversation sets on the market to choose from, including swings, benches, loveseats, and chairs.

Regarding chairs, you can choose from a chair set that swings or one that swivels. The choice is yours, and the number of outdoor options is nearly endless. You can also mix and match different combinations until you find a mix that meets your discerning tastes.

Create a One of a Kind Dinner Party

Considering how fleeting our Canadian summers can be, why not enjoy them while they last by eating your meals outdoors? In the past, mundane and drab plastic seats were the norm for outdoor use. However, things have changed quite a bit since then, and you can choose from a bevy of different outdoor dining sets on the market. Many will work perfectly if you are looking for a classic patio option, and there are many different combinations that you can mix and match to suit your fancy, including benches, swivel chairs, and even chairs that you can stack if needed.

Some of the tables on the market can even be extended if needed, in the event that you decide to have guests over for a dinner party. There are also tables that are rectangular or round, depending on your personal preference. Moreover, if you enjoy a cold one to help beat the heat, then why not go with a pub style option instead? In sum, given the wide range of styles and sizes on the market, you will be sure to find a combination and style that will fit your backyard space and meet your summer R&R needs.

Keeping Cool in the Shade

While summer rays can be great, they can also cause great harm if you are not careful. Hence, you may want to consider a backyard option that allows you and your loved ones to keep nice and cool during those muggy summer months. An easy way to avoid sunburn and possible heat stroke during those particularly hot summer days is to purchase a large umbrella for your backyard.

By doing so, you will enjoy the warmth of the outdoors while also avoiding direct exposure to harmful UV rays. In addition, try and select an umbrella that will fit perfectly in the middle of your dining table. The chosen umbrella should also, ideally, be able to tilt and swivel to any degree, so that you can enjoy your meals outdoors with sufficient shade regardless of where the sun may be.

If you like to read while outdoors, then you can also purchase an outdoor umbrella that includes built-in solar lights. Built-in solar lights mean you can say goodbye to string lights and extension cords forever while you are outdoors, and they are also a very cost-effective and energy efficient option. So you can help do your part for the environment while enjoying the summer.

Add Some Spice

If you want to accelerate your outdoor oasis project, then why not add some spice with some rugs and pillows for your backyard? They are a very easy and affordable way to do some quick decorating without breaking a sweat or the bank. For instance, if you cannot afford to purchase a brand new patio set right now, then you can quickly and affordably add some colour to your backyard by buying an outdoor area rug that has some zany patterns, or purchase three or four throw pillows that have some colours that truly pop.

The rug option will allow you to walk around barefoot outdoors without having to worry about the summer heat, stones, splinters, or other things that can cause discomfort, while the throw pillows can help you nap more comfortably while outdoors.

In the Backyard

If you are interested in learning more about storage sheds in Toronto or would like to purchase top-of-the-line storage sheds, then look no further. In the Backyard specializes in storage shed styles that will fit every need and budget, and we pride ourselves on our high-quality materials and honest pricing. To learn more, please visit our website, or call us at 1-844-208-8425 for a free, no obligation quote and consultation.

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