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Tips To Choose The Perfect Windows For Your Garden Shed

Posted By On 18-01-2016

If you have a backyard, chances are you have a storage shed in it. Where else are you going to keep all of the yard tools and equipment you use to keep your outdoor space looking neat, tidy and inviting?!

The garden shed, as useful as the outdoor storage space is, can sometimes be a foreboding place if there are no windows inside. Add a window, and the dank and dingy feeling you sometimes have going into the garden shed magically fades away.

Here are 5 tips when choosing the perfect windows for your garden shed:

  1. Decide if you want functional or nonfunctional windows. The difference between the two is fairly simple. Functional windows open, non-functional ones do not. If you end up going with functional windows, make sure you get ones that have a screen on the outside so you can allow fresh air in without being invaded by insects or other unwanted guests.
  2. Invest in high quality windows. Pre-manufactured windows made from weather resistant aluminum or other alloys which contain tempered and insulated glass are your best bet. They will last the longest and offer the most protection from the elements.
  3. Keep style in mind. Many people like their garden shed to match their home. If this is a look that interests you, make sure to buy matching windows. If you desire something not quite identical, but still complimentary, play with inverse shapes or design.
  4. Invest in add-ons: Windows on your garden shed don’t have to be any less appealing than ones you would select for your home. Shutters and flower boxes can be installed on your garden shed windows to give it a more homey or inviting look. You can also think about curtains or blinds to control light or obscure the view of anything valuable you plan on keeping inside. Another way to achieve this effect is with tinted glass or solar film.
  5. Play with shapes. Most small windows come in 4 basic shapes: octagonal, square, sunburst and transom, but you can combine these 4 shapes, especially since most small windows are non-functional and don’t open, to make interesting designs and patterns that you couldn’t with a bigger, functional window.

Choosing the perfect windows for your garden shed allows for a lot of creativity! The possibilities are as limitless as you want them to be and with some time and a little effort, the end result can be another building on your property with charm, style and sophistication that rivals even your home.

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