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Tips To Winterise Your Shed

Posted By On 04-10-2017

Your shed is an invaluable structure that can be easily converted to serve your extra space needs for a home office, man cave, children’s play area, storage, and so on. However, these structures are often neglected in terms of repair and maintenance. So, while they may seem invincible during most of the year, the harsh winter weather can easily cause them to crumble.

To uphold the integrity of the structure and its contents, these tips can help to ‘winterise’ your shed:

Inspect the shed Start by checking for any damaged or loose parts of the shed. Examine the door and window for any gaps, and ensure that the hinges and latch are working properly. Inspect the roof for any signs of damage. If the roof has shingles, ensure that all of them are in place and in good condition. Check a felted roof for any tears. If you notice any damage, fix it or replace the broken parts. Remember to clean out the guttering and downpipes. Check the surrounding Look around the shed for any objects that may damage the shed, such as overgrown tree branches or items leaning against the shed that could lead to moisture problems. Clean out the shed This is a good time to get rid of any junk piled up in the shed. Clutter may attract and shelter insects and rodents that may in turn damage valuable items stored in the shed. Organise all items in the shed, including tools, chemicals, and supplies, and get rid of items that will expire by the end of winter. Seal the door with weather stripping Check the weather stripping on your doors for cracks and other damage, and replace if need be. This will help seal off the inside from the cold outdoors and protect your belongings. Insulate Consider insulating the interior walls to reduce the major temperature fluctuations that may compromise the integrity of the structure. Fiberglass batt insulation and polystyrene rigid insulation can also prevent stored valuables from getting very cold. Use an insulation blower for drywalls, and remember to insulate the doors. Secure the shed As your shed will be receiving little traffic during this time of the year, it will be an easy target for burglars. Ensure that the shed is well secured with good locks at the top and bottom. Lock all the windows properly. If there are valuables in the shed, consider investing in security lighting and an alarm system with video cameras.

Finally, if you plan to use your shed during winter, you need to introduce a source of heat. Consider a wood stove or basic heater depending on your budget.

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