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Unique Flower Bed Ideas for Your Home Garden

Posted By On 17-09-2018

If you love your garden and are looking for unique ways to add to its beauty, get creative with your flower beds. There’s so much potential beyond a simple rectangle bed of perennials, or a hanging basket from your doorway. The secret to great DIY is thinking outside the box. Take inspiration from these unique flower bed ideas that take unexpected settings and turn them into head-turning homes for beautiful buds.


An old bench is the perfect prop for a flower bed. Benches themselves are classic and romantic, and when adorned with flowers they’re even more serene. You can place a long planter directly on top of the seat and fill it with soil. The fact that it’s raised off the ground makes for good drainage. You can also place individual flower pots on the bench and use different types of soil depending on your chosen plants. Ivy twisting around the back of the bench and the arms is a beautiful touch, and requires barely any upkeep.


Barrels are an interesting bit of eye candy on their own, but they also conveniently make great flower beds. Make sure there is a hole at the bottom so water can drain out. Start with a foundation of rocks, then add soil overtop. Leave a three-inch rim before the top of the barrel. You can add flowers or herbs. A barrel, whether wine, whiskey, or from another original use, makes for a homestead aesthetic.


If you have a retro bicycle on hand that is too old and creaky to be ridden, you have the prime opportunity to turn it into a flower bed. You can leave the tires on or leave them off, depending on the look you prefer. It’s nice to spray paint your bicycle with one colour to help it age gracefully. This will also help the colours of your flowers to pop better. White is a lovely colour that gives a vintage look and serves as a great backdrop to the star of the show, the plants.

Flower Pots Within the Ground

A flower bed doesn’t have to be based in soil. If you don’t live on a lawn, you can still make use of your lot in a creative and beautiful way. Carve holes in gravel pathways and add orange potted plants. It’s a visually stunning effect to have lush plants unexpectedly emerging from a pebbled path. It also gives you complete flexibility about switching plants in and out, the type of plants you want to use, and maintaining them throughout the season.

Fence Flower Beds

Fences can be one-note without another element to liven them up. Flowers are the perfect solution. Whether your fence is new or old, placing a planter across the top plank is a beautiful way to display your plants and maximizes space on the ground. Take care not to plant any varietals that will grow too large and heavy for your fence to bear.

Tree With Flowers

Make use of any trees on your lot by digging a flower bed at its base. It can be circular, the entire circumference of the tree, or only partial. The duo of a tall, solid tree with delicate flowers is gorgeous. Make sure that your flowers receive enough sunlight underneath the tree canopy.

Dug Out Log

Need to cut a tree down? Don’t just dispose of the log. Trim the branches and foliage off to leave a clean trunk. Carve out a long channel and fill it with dirt. Plant your favourite flowers and watch a beautiful flower bed bloom. Logs give generous room for plants to grow and give your property an ultra organic, naturally stunning look.

In A Wagon

Do you have a defunct wagon? Avoid sending it to landfill and capitalize on a wonderful DIY opportunity. Paint it over with a solid colour to conceal any rust. Fill it with earth and plant your choice of flowers. Wheelbarrows look terrific when overflowing with flowers, so don’t hold back.

Don’t restrict yourself to the same old standard flower beds. Flowers are pretty enough on their own, but their beauty is elevated when they’re showcased in unique, unexpected ways. Well designed flower beds are the perfect DIY project to take on in the warmer months and will teach you about handy skills, gardening, and inspiring home decor. Push yourself next spring to try one of these ideas out for yourself.

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