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What You Need to Know About Building Outdoor Sheds

Posted By On 11-03-2019

Building an outdoor shed can give you the ideal space in which to take on your upcoming projects. The shed can become your own personal workshop; the location that supports solitude and focus for the years ahead. Our trusted team at In the Backyard has years of experience guiding clients in choosing outdoor sheds, and in this new post, we’ll explain what you need to know about building an outdoor shed for your home.

Pre-Building Considerations

First, it’s important to note and review the pre-building considerations. These are the elements that must be analyzed before you begin making the investment and building the outdoor shed on your property.

  • Local Building Restrictions

Make sure you note the local building restrictions in your area. Look up the bylaws and determine whether you have a legal right to build a shed on your property.

  • Storage Needs

What are your home storage needs? Do you require a large space in which to build a workshop or are you simply looking for a place in which to store your garden tools? Make sure you have a clear idea about the use for the shed before you get started on the building project.

  • How Much Space is Available?

You should also make sure you review the amount of space available within your backyard before you move forward with the project. Do you have an adequate amount of room to build the ideal shed for the property? What are the potential obstacles to the building process?

  • How Will I Transfer the Building Materials?

Next, consider how you should transfer the building materials for the shed. Are you able to move large pieces of material with your vehicle? Will you have to hire a truck for transfering building materials? Ensure you address these questions and have clear answers before moving forward.

Shed Material Options

Now that you know a little more about the considerations to make before investing in a shed, it’s time to discover the materials available. Our team at In The Backyard can help guide you regarding the full range of material options. These options include the following:

  • Wood Sheds

Wood sheds can help you to blend the design of your shed with your house. The wood can be painted to match your house’s paint with precision, allowing for a seamless design appeal. It’s important to note, however, that you will require a basic knowledge of the woodworking process to effectively build your wood shed.

  • Steel Sheds

One of the leading reasons why homeowners select steel sheds is their low maintenance, high-durability performance. Steel sheds are ideal for the homeowner looking to minimize the shed building and shed care process. Steel sheds don’t rust and are highly weather resistant compared to the other leading options in the marketplace.

  • Metal Sheds

Metal sheds are widely considered the best option for those looking for a basic shed. They are available with either a galvanized steel structure or an aluminum structure. One important note is that metal sheds will require some maintenance to protect against rust and denting.

  • Resin Sheds

Another great choice for homeowners is the resin shed. Resin sheds are often chosen because they are simple to assemble and the flooring for the shed is included with your purchase. The sheds are designed to be highly durable and will protect against paint fading as a result of UV light. They also usually include accessories such as windows and skylights.  

A Guide to Shed Sizing

Next, it’s important to consider the size of shed that you require within your yard space. The size of the shed you choose should be determined by reviewing your full range of storage requirements and then analyzing the amount of space available to work with in your backyard. The three distinct sizing options include:

  • Small Sheds

You should choose small sheds for the storage of smaller tools and for placement within a smaller garden or backyard. While you might not have enough room for a full workshop, you’ll certainly be able to store garden equipment such as shears, rakes, and clippers in a small shed.

  • Medium Sheds

Medium-sized sheds give you a little more room to play with in terms of storage. You’ll likely be able to store lawn mowers, large tools, and even some household items within your shed when you choose a medium-sized option.

  • Large Sheds

A large shed allows you to consider shed applications beyond storage. You might design the shed as a workshop with a full work bench and room for storing all of your tools. Or the shed could become a hangout spot for your family, with seating and a table ready for use by all family members. Make sure you consider the full range of options when reviewing the potential for a large shed in your home.

Select Outdoor Sheds with In the Backyard

Our team at In the Backyard can help guide you in choosing quality outdoor sheds for your home. Using our experience in shed installation, we can provide you with the ideal options designed for you and your needs over the long-term. Our team is known for:

  • Leading-Class Employee Training

Our team is trained to the highest standards in the industry today. We work tirelessly to ensure we provide you with a professional service designed for you and your home.

  • Safety Compliance

In each element of our work, we ensure our teams are up-to-date with the compliance regulations for the industry. This means you can rest assured your shed will be built professionally using only the finest materials on the market.

  • Our Comprehensive Product Line

The product line offered through our team at In the Backyard is unparalleled. From our Muskoka barn-style shed to our Haliburton cottage-style shed, you’ll find that ideal product designed to suit your home needs.

To discover more about the full range of sheds available through our catalogue, please call our team today!

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